13 Ways to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast (iOS 16)

Why is your iPhone battery draining so fast? Does the iOS sixteen replace drain battery lifestyles? If your iPhone loses battery quicker than you would find it irresistible to or quicker than you watched is normal, we are able to assist. We’ll solution those iPhone battery drain questions and lots of greater, and we will stroll you via thirteen easy answers for your battery troubles on iPhone.

Does Updating iOS Drain Battery Life? iOS sixteen Battery Drain Issues

Are you questioning why your iPhone battery dies so fast? Is your iPhone dropping price after updating to iOS sixteen or putting in the iOS sixteen beta? You’re now no longer alone. iOS replace battery troubles are extraordinarily not unusualplace and for properly reason! A new iOS replace drains battery due to the numerous huge modifications for your iPhone functions that include putting in the maximum current iOS software program. The large fall updates, like the approaching iOS sixteen replace, frequently have an effect on your iPhone battery greater than the smaller updates we see at some stage in the year.

While a number of that is unavoidable, there are positive matters you could do to optimize your battery use and reduce lower back on pointless iPhone battery drain. In this article, we will display you a few iOS sixteen battery-saving tips, steering on the way to prevent iPhone battery drain at some stage in the year, plus a few extra statistics on the way to maintain battery lifestyles on iPhone withinside the lengthy run.

thirteen Easy Ways to Stop Battery Draining on iPhone

Here are thirteen smooth answers to save you battery drain from iOS sixteen in your iPhone. Also, If you revel in gaining knowledge of approximately the way to use your Apple devices, make sure to join our loose Tip of the Day. 

1. Check Your iPhone Battery Health Suggestions

This is a superb first step whether or not you are concerned that the iPhone replace is draining the battery or now no longer. Your iPhone will suggest particular modifications in Settings to maintain iPhone battery lifestyles.

To see why your iPhone battery is draining quicker than it have to be, use those steps to test Battery Health suggestions:

On the subsequent display screen, your iPhone will propose modifications to settings on the way to enhance battery lifestyles. You can faucet on every concept to leap to the placing that wishes changing. If you do not need to make the change, at the least you apprehend what is contributing for your battery drain. If you do not see the Battery Life Suggestions section, your iPhone does not presently see any methods to enhance battery lifestyles through Settings. However, we will should respectfully disagree—there may be nearly usually a manner to restore iPhone battery drain. Continue on down the listing to peer what number of methods you could restore an iPhone battery demise quicker than it have to.

2. Dim Your iPhone Screen if Your iPhone Keeps Losing Charge

Keeping your iPhone’s display screen at complete brightness is a probable perpetrator while your iPhone battery drains fast, however it is without difficulty remedied. To dim your iPhone brightness to keep battery:

If you’ve got got your iPhone brightness set to a greater affordable degree however your iPhone battery is draining quick anyway, there are plenty greater alternatives for preserving battery on iPhone. Keep reading!

3. Turn on iPhone Auto-Brightness to Stop iPhone Battery Drain

Auto-Brightness settings regulate your display screen lights routinely primarily based totally on ambient mild levels. This continues your iPhone from dropping battery too quick with the aid of using losing it on pointless display screen brightness. To keep battery on iPhone with the aid of using allowing Auto-Brightness:

Next we will check a few lesser-recognized settings to assist enhance iPhone battery lifestyles.

4. Turn Off Raise to Wake on Your iPhone to Save iPhone Battery

It can be that a brand new iPhone replace is draining the battery due to settings that both you by no means knew approximately, or that have been reset due to positive modifications that got here with the approaching iOS sixteen replace or the iOS sixteen beta, for instance. Raise to Wake is a superb example. All fashions of iPhone have the Raise to Wake characteristic enabled with the aid of using default. This is probably a part of your problem, mainly in case you select out up your iPhone plenty or stroll with it swinging to your hand. The iPhone display screen continuously turning on will genuinely drain your battery. To flip off Raise to Wake to keep iPhone battery lifestyles:

Now that we have got blanketed brightness settings that assist save you battery drain on iPhone, we are able to flow directly to such things as apps that drain iPhone battery and different tips.

5. Update Your Apps

Apps that want updates kill iPhone battery health. iOS replace battery drain frequently has to do with apps. When a brand new software program is released, which include the iOS sixteen replace, builders should play catch-up too. That’s why there’s a beta model of iOS for builders, in an effort to put together and optimize their apps for the modern and finest running system. Apps that want updates can also additionally run inefficiently, or by accident run operations in a manner it’s counterproductive to the manner it have to be performed at the maximum cutting-edge iOS software program. If you don’t routinely replace apps on iPhone, taking the time to replace all of the to be had apps in your listing should severely assist with iPhone battery drain! To replace your apps:

Do iPhone widgets drain battery? We’ll check that next.

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