3 Effective Medications That Experts Use For Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

It is nearly impossible to De-addict from opioids without medical assistance. This is because opioids create chemical changes in the brain, making you dependent on them. Stopping using them can produce withdrawal symptoms, which can be life-threatening.

The safest way to De-addict from opioids is to contact centers like the Iowa drug rehab center. Here, you can undergo complete detox through medications and constant supervision, coupled with a thorough recovery program to prevent relapse.

Why medical detox?

Medical detox helps an addict to withdraw from opioids safely and surely. At home, you may skip a dose of opioids. But, you may resume taking them because within a few hours you begin to feel terrible. With no professional help, you don’t know how to handle this feeling.

The physical symptoms are scary. At times, they may turn life-threatening. Many people dare not stop taking opioids simply because of the withdrawal symptoms, which are physical and mental.

A supervised drug detox program features the use of certain medications that help ease withdrawal symptoms. They also act as opioids, tricking your brain to believe you are actually taking opioids. The doctors taper off the dose of these medications slowly enough to let your brain adjust comfortably. This way, your brain does not get a “shock” when you stop taking opioids suddenly.

A complete ‘package’ of recovery

The program features detox and counseling simultaneously. This touches your physical and emotional states. This increases the patient’s success rate of recovery and reduces the chances of relapse.

The whole thing may take time. So be patient. At times, you may feel you are at the wrong place (in the rehab center). You may be tempted to go back to your “drug life.”

Because the doctors go slow in tapering the dose, it feels like you are going nowhere in your opioid treatment. That’s not true.

You must put trust in the whole process. At the same time, have faith in yourselves. Along with this, be consistent in your efforts. Follow expert advice.

Eat healthy meals and follow the healthy routine that most rehabilitation centers have.

Eventually, you will feel better without opioids.

Medications used for opioid treatment

  • Dolophine

It targets the same brain receptors that opioids target. Its effects last long. Doctors usually ask the patients to take one pill a day. It helps to fight cravings and eases the strong withdrawal symptoms.

  • Buprenorphine

This one, too, targets the same brain receptors, although it works for a shorter duration. This is a somewhat mild medicine available as a pill, shot, or skin patch. You can also get it as a thin film that you must place on the insides of your mouth.

  • Lucera

This one effectively eases withdrawal symptoms and is used for rapid detoxification. It has been approved for use for upto 14 days. This is usually the time required for cleaning your system of opioids.

You can call the withdrawal and addiction helpline to enroll in a detox and recovery program near you. This is a good way to get associated with reputable rehab centers.