Amarrai Cabell shows why he’s still the best as him and INERT reach new levels on ‘right by my side’

Amarrai Cabell has executive produced his artist INERT’s new project undertone which he handled the artwork and music videos for Amarrai Cabell was hands on with this project and he did an amazing job

he features on right by my side which is a song that was intended to be on amarrai’s album but given to INERT no word on if it still will be as he is listed as a primary artist in the stores and it’s posted on his main channels

also let me say the growth amarrai cabell is showing has been amazing very great replay value from the best artist in the world and the EP isn’t bad but i know amarrai cabell fans want new music consistently from him at this point hopefully his mental health is well

INERT has a bright future and is a great producer as well the future is bright for the BHD Factory

INERT’s debut radio single i would never lie was released November 30th last year it received commercial success getting over 15k streams his debut album is worth the hype

Amarrai Cabell made the artwork for this single.

while May feels like the shortest month we definitely will be listening to this one for awhile.

you can stream the music video on all platforms including TIDAL & Apple Music now

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