Amazon plans to release a TV in the US with Alexa Support. It is expected to roll out in October

Amazon is said to be launching a line of TVs with its own brand in the United States. The TV will be available in October.

Amazon TV Released in October

Business Insider reports that TVs will have Alexa support and will measure between 55-75 inches. TCL is said to have designed and manufactured the Amazon TV.

According to some reports, the launch was kept secret for several months and that the e-commerce company worked on the secret project for at least two years.

Business Insider also reported that the team involved in this project is from Lab126 and Amazon Devices. This research and development team behind Fire TV Sticks and Kindles, Amazon Devices, was also part of the project.

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Other than that, prices and more details about these TVs have not been announced. These TVs may not come with Fire TV software like the Fire TVs sold by other manufacturers.

Fans speculate that the Fire TV could have the Fire TV software, as Amazon updated its user interface late last year.

Amazon’s Alexa also got an update in July. and a sharing function were added.

Amazon launched a program in February that allows customers to build a device that can be paired with Alexa. However, the devices have yet to be announced, The verge stated.

The e-commerce company’s price is lower than its competitors. Indian TVs were launched at a cost of $410 for the 50 inch model and $480 for 55 inches.

Also, the Insignia-branded Fire Vs available at Best Buy are very affordable and featured every day during Amazon Prime Day.

The new TVs will be priced at the same price as other TV manufacturers, such as LG, Sony, or Samsung.

Business Insider reported that rollout could take place in October. However, also noted that the project was currently suspended due to a global shortage of chips.

Global chip shortages have delayed production of many devices and caused supply problems for many gadget launches this year.

Amazon Prime Subscription

You will need to sign up to Amazon Prime if the new TV is released next month. This subscription allows you to access all Amazon TV movies and shows.

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