Be Part of The Metaverse For Trading Developers, Shibonacci

One of the most promising projects about to be released this week is undoubtedly Shibonacci ($SHIBO) an asset focused on creating a whole ecosystem within the crypto universe.

$SHIBO is a complete crypto ecosystem created by our developers that will provide a one-step solution by bringing together all trading platforms and crypto trading-oriented users under one roof. We will connect and facilitate global crypto users, entrepreneurs and businesses by creating a privacy protected bridge between all crypto platforms like Wallets, Exchanges, Sportsbooks, Gambling, lames, media, Advertiser and others. From the need of crypto business freedom and professional development of traders, privacy and internal connectivity of the community, SHIBONACCI will launch its main internal products, which include the conjunction of crypto applications, analysis and alert plugins, Adstation, LaunchPad Marketplace, 2FA authentication software, and your own governance token.

The first release of Shibonacci will be “Shibonacci Finance” a plugin aimed at helping traders analyze price graphs and trends with the objective to avoid losses and maximize earnings. As stated in their website this plugin will have the following tools: Data Analysis, Pairs& Poools, Trading Strategies, Dex Calendar with upcoming listings, Custom Scripts that programs buys and sells.

$SHIBO runs on the world’s most popular Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and we will implement the $SHIBO Governance Token on this Smart Chain to ensure lower fees or faster transaction facilities for the Shibonacci Finance community.

Shibonacci Finance sales will be completed in its second phase. There will be an adherent token price and the allocation for the pre-sale and token sale stages will continue according to our roadmap. All unsold tokens will be burned right after the end of the token sale.
Pre-Sale Date: March 27th 16:00 (UTC)

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