Best free PDF editors for Mac

If you need to edit a PDF or fill in a PDF shape, you will be questioning that your simplest choice is to print it out, fill it in with a pen after which experiment it or picture it and ship it back. Luckily it’s now no longer essential to visit such lengths. There are unfastened apps that make it smooth to edit textual content in a PDF, which includes including your signature, including feedback, and redacting information. You also can integrate masses of PDFs, rotate pages, lessen the size, or even convert PDFs to Word, Excel and different report types. Best of all it doesn’t ought to fee a thing.

Here we have a take a observe a group of PDF apps which can be both absolutely unfastened, or have a unfastened trial model with a number of the essential capability for a one-off PDF enhancing requirement.

Some of those apps do positive matters higher than others, so the quality PDF editor for you may depend upon what your unique needs. For example, in case you need a PDF editor that could use OCR (optical individual recognition) to examine the textual content on a web page you’ve got got scanned, and permit you to edit it, we’ve an choice that could permit you to do that.

Alternatively, in case you are seeking out a PDF editor that’s easy to apply and bendy sufficient to assist you to fill in a shape with out pulling out your hair, we’ve one beneath. We have even determined a PDF device in order to assist you to import a PDF into Word (or Pages) and edit it there.

We have checked out the subsequent capabilities and competencies of the PDF Editors reviewed right here:

Import: How trustworthy to the authentic PDF is the PDF editor? Does it preserve fonts and spacing? Can you open the PDF in Word, Excel etc?

Editing: Can you pick textual content from the authentic PDF? Is the brand new textual content delivered in a separate textual content container? How smooth is it to edit and delete content material from the PDF? Can you flow content material around? Does the textual content you upload preserve the fashion and formatting of the authentic PDF? Can you upload links or connect documents? Can you upload images?

Collaboration: What markup equipment are to be had? Can you highlight, underline, or strikethrough textual content? Can you operate freehand drawing equipment and an eraser. Can you upload stamps? Can you song who reads and edits?

Signing: Can you upload a signature? Is this signature scanned, imported, or typed? How many signatures are you able to keep?

Saving: Can you resize the PDF? Can you sew pages from a couple of docs? Can you delete pages? Can you rotate pages?

Find & Replace: Can the PDF editor seek the PDF? Can you locate and update words? Can you redact words?

OCR: Can the PDF editor examine a scanned web page – and may you edit that?

Watermark: Does it upload a watermark? Can you upload your very own watermark?

Don’t neglect about that macOS comes with a few PDF enhancing abilties of its very own in Preview, and you may examine a chunk greater approximately the way to paintings with it in  pointers for the use of Preview to edit a PDF on a Mac.



There is a unfastened PDF editor already to be had in your Mac and it’s quite good. It’s were given a few limitations, however it’s possibly to provide sufficient equipment for you in case you simply want to fill in a few responses to questions about a PDF.

You can use Preview to feature textual content (in textual content boxes), you may extrade the size, shade and font you operate. It may be a chunk fiddly to get the textual content container to line up with the textual content at the web page, however it’s now no longer impossible.

You also can carry out movements like strike-via – to begin with we used the road shape, however then we observed that it’s miles viable to pick strike-via from the menu (Tools > Annotate). You also can underline textual content the identical manner. These alternatives also are to be had from the highlighter palette.

Under Annotate withinside the menu are alternatives for including a speech bubble. You also can upload feedback withinside the shape of sticky notes.

Our spellings have been checked as we typed – indicated via way of means of the same old squiggly line.

Adding a signature is easy, with 3 alternatives for doing so: the use of a trackpad, iPhone or iPad, or via way of means of signing your call on a bit of paper and keeping it as much as the camera. You can keep a couple of signatures and upload them to the record easily. We have a manual to including a signature to a PDF right here.

It’s smooth to shuffle pages and upload to, and delete pages from, a Preview PDF. If you may’t already see the thumbnail view at the left click on at the drop down container above the A icon and pick Thumbnails.

Shhow thumbnails Preview

Now that you may see the thumbnails it is simple to shuffle web page order, delete a web page, and you may even drag and drop any other PDF into the thumbnail column to feature it. 

It is likewise smooth to rotate pages (click on at the web page withinside the Thumbnail view and click on at the rotate icon withinside the menu).

You can export your PDF as a JPEG, TIFF, however there aren’t anyt any alternatives for exporting to different apps, including Word or Pages.

One of the most up-to-date capabilities of Preview is an OCR – optical individual recognition. If you’re jogging macOS Monterey and also you open some thing in Preview – be it a PDF or a photo – you may be capable of pick maximum varieties of textual content and reduce and paste it in to a textual content record. We have been capable of pick textual content, although it turned into on a slant, and normally the consequences have been good.

As we stated above, Preview gives sufficient capabilities if all you want to do is input a chunk of textual content and signal a PDF. So if you are attempting to fill in an software shape or filling in some sure or no checkboxes, it’s possibly to be sufficient. Those looking a bit greater flexibility can also additionally locate that Preview may not have sufficient capabilities… wherein case we’ve a few alternatives beneath that could show greater tempting.

Before you have a take a observe those, make sure to additionally examine our complete manual to  the use of Preview at the Mac.

Acrobat Reader DC

Acrobat Reader DC

Acrobat Reader DC is unfastened however a number of the capabilities aren’t – to get admission to them you’ll want to transport to the Pro tier that incorporates a monthly, annual or pay as you go annual subscription (it’s £25.28/$24.ninety nine a month in case you don’t devote for the 12 months, £15.17/$14.ninety nine a month otherwise, and £181.10/$179.88 for the entire 12 months while you pay up front).

However, there are a number of capabilities which can be to be had for unfastened. You’ll locate those withinside the Comment and Fill & Sign sections.

To upload textual content to the PDF pick Fill & Sign. Here you may additionally locate the alternatives to feature a tick or a cross, a circle, or a line. The signature choice is right here too, we’ll have a take a observe that during greater element beneath.

Comment alternatives consist of the cappotential to feature a speech bubble, highlight, underline, and strike-via words. In fact, you may strike-via and upload a associated comment. All your feedback will seem withinside the sidebar at the right.

There also are equipment right here to attract and erase what you draw. A stamp device with alternatives like Approved, Revised, Confidential, Sign Here, and the choice to import your very own (those want to be withinside the PDF format, however it is able to be a manner to feature an photograph).

When including a signature you’ve got got alternatives to Type, Draw (the use of a mouse or trackpad), or Image. If you choose the latter you can import a experiment or picture of your signature – you may import any photograph this manner, however it’s going to seem translucent, with the historical past acting at the back of it as you may see from our illustration.

Acrobat Reader gives sufficient capabilities to make it really well worth the download. It may be a tad disturbing whilst it looks as if you want to get a subscription to apply capabilities that it seems may be carried out with out signing up, so watch out for this earlier than you spend



LibreOffice is a unfastened workplace suite with a few on hand capabilities in case you are looking to edit and replace PDFs.

Because it’s an workplace suite you gain from all of the Office-like capabilities and acquainted menus.

We have been capable of open a PDF in LibreOffice and edit textual content and upload textual content and images. We weren’t capable of upload a signature, however this will be easy sufficient in case you already had the signature as an photograph report.

You also can create a PDF from a record you create in LibreOffice, simply as you may from Pages or Word. Create the record after which pick File > Export as PDF.

While it’s now no longer a committed PDF editor or author you may do a number of the stuff you are possibly to need to do to a fundamental PDF, so its a very good choice that incorporates diverse advantages resulting from it being a first rate opportunity to Microsoft Office. Read our spherical up of the quality phrase processors for Mac for greater information.

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