All you need to know about Bradley Steven Perry family, age, height, career, relationships, and facts

The Disney star Bradley Steven Perry is famous for his role in the popular Disney channel as Gabe Duncan for a drama good luck Charlie. Bradley is now a grown-up kid, and he has won many awards for his fantastic acting. His acting career started at 8 when he was cast for minor roles in “choose Connor” as a magnificent max. He was born on 23 November 1998.

Bradley Steven is a famous American actor, and he continues to shine in his career from 2007 till now. You must be wondering what Bradley is doing now? What makes him so famous, and who are Bradley’s parents? This article will cover the biography, career, and relationships of Bradley Steven Peter, so stay with us till the end.

About and family of Bradley Steven 

Bradley Steven is now a young 23 year old actor in Hollywood. He has done many films and tv series and was raised, southern California, with his parents. Bradley is younger than three older sisters named Justine, Makenzie, and Madison. His father’s name is Emery Emmanuel, and his mother is Brenda Joyce.

Bradley’s sisters are very supportive, and he once said in an interview that they had sacrificed a great deal for his career. Bradley doesn’t post pictures of his family online since he wants to keep them out of the spotlight.


Bradley continued to pursue his acting career while he studied. He was homeschooled at the set of good luck Charlie, where the producer used to call teachers, so Bradley never missed his education. He attended Oak Park high school and Quartz Hill high school. The graduation of Bradley Steven was stuck due to the covid pandemic, but still, he Graduated from the university of southern California on 22 May 2021.

The career of Bradley Steven Perry

Bradley’s career started at the age of eight, but the star kid used to do a temporary role; however, his actual career began in 2008 when he was ten years old. He continues to play minor roles like magnificent max.

After that, Bradley also concentrated on his film career and appeared in some films with prominent Hollywood actors such as Jeremy Piven and Robin Williams. Some of the movies in which Bradley appeared as a child star kid were old dogs, and The goods live hard.

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In the year 2010, Bradley got huge appreciation for a Disney channel sitcom, good luck Charlie, in which he played the role of Gabriel Gabe Duncan. He was also nominated for the best supporting young artist role award in 2011-2012 for his spectacular performance in Good luck Charlie.

Below you will find a collection of Bradley Steven’s TV series and films from 2009 to date. 

  • Who shot mamba as a David in 2009
  • Opposite day as a security guard 39 in 2009
  • Peacock as a Cormac in 2010
  • Good luck, handsome young Charlie as Gabe Duncan from 2010 to 2014
  • Mighty Mad as Kaz 2013-2015
  • Speechless as Donald in 2017 in Episode hero
  • Schooled as Alec Raday in 2019-2020 

Relationships of Bradley Steven Perry

Bradley is a handsome young actor who has been rumoured to date many young women; however, we are only sure about his past relationships with his Disney co-star, Sabrena Carpenter, who got fame from girls meets the world. Bradley and Sabrena used to be a happy couple, but unfortunately, they parted their way in 2015 and announced their breakup.

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Before their separation, the couple used to share their pictures on Instagram, but they still haven’t revealed the reasons for their breakup. Bradley was rumoured to Date Paris berelc, but according to his mom, the rumours were fake.

He was also rumoured to date other actresses named Genevieve Knight Hannelius, Ryan Newman, Sarah Gilman, and Paris Berelc. But Bradley never publicises his other relationships.

You may be wondering who is the lucky girl now Brady loves? Bradley Steven is currently dating Camryn Frederickson. He has been dating Camryn since splitting up from Sabrina.

The net worth of Bradley Steven Perry

According to the recent stats, the estimated net worth of Bradley Steven Perry is around 2 million dollars which is pretty impressive. He successfully made this much net worth by signing a contract with Disney; however, he earned most of the income through his acting career. Bradley is a passionate kid. He is making money on his own, so there is no evidence of Bradley and his family’s businesses.

Social media handles of Bradley Steven Perry

Bradley is active on Instagram,  where he has around 2.2 million followers on Instagram and has shared around 239 posts. You can Bradley Steven’s Instagram here

Physical Appearance of Bradley Steven Perry

Age – 23

Height – 5ft 8 inches

Weight- 75kgs

Star – Sagittarius 

Dressing style – shirt and jeans

Favorite food- cheesecake

Hobby – traveling

Favorite game – basketball

Fact about Bradley Steven Perry

Bradley has a lot of money, but he is such a kind soul. His passion for charity shows that Bradley is a generous human who loves to care for humanity. He is famous for donating money to the Mattel children’s hospital for kids suffering from pediatric diseases.

Not only this, but Bradley is distributing money in the make a wish foundation. This organization is famous for helping kids with their chronic medical conditions and making all their wishes come true.

We should appreciate celebrities like Bradley because a star who cares for humanity outside his movies is the real hero in the eyes of everyone. Moreover, Bradley has got some real love for kids, and he is also an active contributor to the Toys for Tots program, whose aim is to distribute toys for poor kids who don’t have enough facilities for life.


We have shared everything about Bradley in this article. It is essential to know that Bradley Steven Perry is an excellent actor and a kind, pure soul. We wish him the best of luck in the future. He will continue to entertain us with his spectacular performances throughout his career. Comment below if you think we left anything out about Bradley.