Can Biden Bridge the Divide Between Government and Big Tech? A Look at Amazon & GeekWire’s Take

In the digital age, big tech has become an integral part of our lives – from social media platforms to online marketplaces. But as these companies continue to grow in power and influence, questions arise about their relationship with government regulations. With President Biden now in office, many are wondering if he can bridge the divide between government and big tech. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at Amazon & GeekWire’s take on this topic and exploring what it could mean for the future of technology regulation. So grab your coffee and let’s dive right in!

Amazon’s Take on Government & Big Tech

Amazon has long been a champion of the free market and an opponent of government regulation. However, in recent years, the company has taken a more active role in government affairs, particularly with regard to its home state of Washington. In 2018, Amazon led a successful campaign to overturn a city council decision that would have imposed a tax on large businesses to fund homeless services. And in 2019, the company lobbied heavily for the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which provides financing for exports from U.S. companies.

At the same time, Amazon has been facing increasing scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators over its business practices. In July 2019, the House Judiciary Committee launched an antitrust investigation into Amazon and other tech giants. And in September 2020, the European Commission opened an antitrust probe into Amazon’s marketplace business.

Despite these challenges, Amazon remains one of the most powerful companies in the world, with a market value of over $1 trillion. And its influence is only likely to grow under President Biden, who has proposed increased regulation of Big Tech as part of his broader agenda.

GeekWire’s Take on Government & Big Tech

The new administration is off to a rocky start when it comes to its relationship with the tech industry. In the first few weeks of his presidency, Joe Biden has already had to confront several major issues, including the role of big tech in society and the government’s role in regulating it.

One of the most controversial issues facing the new administration is the question of antitrust action against big tech companies like Amazon. GeekWire’s take on this issue is that while there may be some merit to antitrust action, it is not likely to be successful in curbing the power of these companies.

GeekWire points out that many of the problems that have been attributed to big tech are actually caused by bad government policy, such as regulations that stifle innovation and competition. The article argues that instead of trying to break up these companies, the government should focus on reforming these policies.

Do you agree with GeekWire’s take on government and big tech? Let us know in the comments!

Can Biden Bridge the Divide Between Government and Big Tech?

The divide between government and big tech has been growing for years. In the past, there was a symbiotic relationship between the two. Government provided the regulatory framework that allowed tech companies to flourish, and in return, those companies created jobs, developed new technologies, and paid taxes.

But as tech companies have become more powerful, that relationship has frayed. Government officials are now openly questioning whether these companies are too big and too powerful. And those companies are starting to push back, arguing that they should be free to innovate without government interference.

The election of Joe Biden as president could help bridge this divide. Biden has a long history with both the tech industry and the government. He was a senator from Delaware, where many major tech companies are incorporated, and he served as vice president under Barack Obama, who was friendly to the tech industry.

Biden’s experience could help him find common ground between the two sides. He understands the concerns of both businesses and government officials. And he has shown a willingness to work with both sides to find solutions.

For example, during his time in the Senate, Biden worked on legislation that resulted in greater transparency for online political ads. And as vice president, he helped negotiate a landmark agreement between the U.S. and China on cybersecurity.

If anyone can find a way to bring government and big tech together, it’s Joe Biden.


President Biden and his administration must now figure out how to bridge the divide between government and Big Tech companies. Amazon’s and GeekWire’s perspectives on this issue offer thought-provoking ideas for how to achieve a balance between protecting consumer privacy, regulating tech giants, and allowing innovation. While there isn’t an easy solution here, it is encouraging that leading technology industry figures are engaging with policymakers on these important issues. We can only hope that the Biden Administration will be able to reach successful compromises in order to create regulations that protect consumers while still promoting competition in the digital economy.

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