Carol Collins is Eager to Share the Knowledge of the Jeshua Collective With the World

Carol Collins, also referred to as The Pittsburgh Medium, is the original channel for the Jeshua Collective. The Jeshua Collective is made up of Jeshua, James, and Seth. They are knowledgeable yet non-physical guides that utilize Carol as a channel to communicate their wisdom. 

Carol explains the Jeshua collective as such: “Jeshua is the collective of nonphysical Teachers that speak through me. They are gentle, wise, straightforward yet compassionate. With pin-pointed accuracy, they know what you need to know and how to bring clarity to your life.”

Though Carol is the only one who The Jeshua Collective communicates with, she has made it her mission to share their valuable knowledge with others. She has created many initiatives to do so. One way Carol shares their knowledge with others is through Readings and Attunements. 

Carol explains the process of these Reading and Attunements: “Jeshua guides you on any topic that is important to you and will also connect you with your guides and loved ones. They know what you are manifesting, why and how to get you on a better path. They call it ‘structured guidance’ and it lays out a plan for you, often with timelines, predictions, and options for you to consider. It is step-by-step instructional advice to help you make significant change.”

Readings and Attunements are available to everyone, both in group and private sessions. Private sessions enable clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn the most effective practices to help them heal. These private sessions are available to anyone, regardless of distance. Carol explains, “geographic distance has no effect on energy work,” so not being located in the general Pittsburgh area (where Carol resides) is completely fine. These appointments are offered in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

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In terms of what makes up group sessions, Carol shares what they entail: “have Jeshua identify your personal intuitive abilities often with validation of what you received previously, private teaching on law of attraction and how to manifest things differently or faster or connect you with your guide to answer any question you have for them.” These sessions are only available in person, however Carol is more than willing to travel if necessary.

Enabling people to look deeper into themselves and devise a specific plan for healing is empowering. Certain challenges in life can be nearly impossible to face by yourself; however, with the help of the Jeshua Collective, these challenges can become manageable. 

In addition to acting as a source of wisdom, the Jeshua Collective can also help clients to connect with loved ones who are no longer physically present. These beings can also serve a vital role in navigating difficult or challenging times. 

Other than Readings and Attunements, Carol also offers workshops. These workshops enable participants to be immersed in conversation with the Jeshua Collective. The Jeshua Collective remains present throughout the course of the workshop to offer their knowledge and advice to everyone involved. 

Another method of connecting with The Jeshua Collective that Carol has made available to the public is retreats. Retreats are weekend long trips that enable participants to make significant changes in their lives. These changes are based on the beneficial teachings of The Jeshua Collective and the deep connections developed over the course of the retreat.

All of these programs are available to the public and can offer significant wisdom and inspiration to those involved.

To learn more about these programs, visit Carol’s website at