eMarketer’s Data Shows Why Every Marketer Should Be Paying Attention to Apple Podcasts in 2023

Podcasts have been the talk of the town for quite some time now, but Apple Podcasts are taking over the game like never before! A recent analysis by eMarketer has revealed that there’s no stopping the impressive growth curve of Apple Podcasts. With a whopping 28 million estimated listeners in 2021 and an expected surge to cross 50 million in just two years, it’s high time marketers start paying attention to this podcast giant. So, what makes Apple Podcasts so irresistible for both creators and consumers? Let’s dive deep into eMarketer’s data and find out why every marketer should be keeping a close eye on Apple Podcasts in 2023!

What is Apple Podcasts?

Apple Podcasts is a podcasting platform developed by Apple Inc. It was unveiled on August 6, 2013, at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The app is available on devices running iOS 8 and later, as well as Android and Amazon Fire TV. As of February 2019, Apple Podcasts has more than 1.5 billion downloads from users around the world.

Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded and listened to through an app on personal computers or mobile devices. They are typically short episodes that are released weekly or monthly. There are now over 2,500 podcasts available on the Apple Podcasts platform. These include shows about everything from cooking to gardening to technology news and reviews.

There are a number of reasons why every marketer should be paying attention to Apple Podcasts. First, they offer an engaging way for listeners to learn new information quickly and easily. Second, they’re a great way to promote your brand or product to a wide audience. Third, podcasts have demonstrated significant longevity in the marketplace – many show have been around for years, with many still active today. Finally, podcasts make for great customer acquisition tools – reaching out to podcast listeners can help you attract new customers who may not have heard of your brand before.

How Many People Are Listening to Apple Podcasts?

Apple podcasts currently has over 150 million monthly active listeners, which is more than any other podcasting platform. Additionally, the number of new Apple podcasts added each month exceeds that of all other platforms combined. This popularity may be due to the high-quality content produced by Apple’s podcasters, as well as the fact that these shows are often hosted by influential personalities and professionals in their respective fields.

Why is Apple Podcasts Important for Marketers?

Apple Podcasts are a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach new listeners. Here’s why:

1. Apple is the most popular podcast platform in the world.

2. Apple Podcasts are easy to use.

3. Apple Podcasts are entertaining and informative.

4. Apple Podcasts are well-designed and easy to navigate.

5. Apple has built a strong community of podcasters and listeners.

What Should marketers Do to Take Advantage of Apple Podcasts?

1. According to eMarketer, there are now more than 150 million Apple Podcasts subscribers, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23%. In addition, 73% of podcast listeners say they listen weekly or more, which makes them an attractive platform for advertisers.

2. To take advantage of Apple Podcasts as a marketing tool, marketers should consider using them to reach their target audience. For example, podcasts can be used to promote products and services relevant to the audience, engage with customers on a personal level, and build brand awareness.

3. Additionally, podcasting can help marketers create native content that is engaging and useful for the target audience. This increases the chances that listeners will continue engaging with the content and eventually convert into customers or leads.

4. Finally, effective podcast campaign planning requires careful selection of platforms and episodes to be produced. Advertisers must carefully choose which shows they want to sponsor or advertise on in order to maximize reach and engagement potential.


eMarketer’s latest report on the podcast market confirms that Apple podcasts are quickly gaining in popularity with marketers. By 2023, there will be an estimated 275 million active Apple podcasts listeners globally, up from 232 million in 2018. In addition to this growth, eMarketer predicts that the average listener spend time on Apple podcasts will increase by 48% over the next five years. This is great news for marketers who want to engage their audiences and create valuable content that can be listened to multiple times.

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