Eric Pulier, the 2015 founder of NFT’s, reveals what’s next

Eric Pulier, founder of The Vatom NFT Platform recently announced the completion of a five year journey to accelerate the evolution and evolution of the World Wide Web. Atoms are dynamic NFTs that span AR & VR.

The Vatom NFT platform went live on June 21st with more than a dozen new capabilities. This will usher in the next generation of human engagement. The new capabilities include federation to games and marketplaces; advanced analytics for the acquisition 1st-party data and one-to-1 consumer relationships; native eCommerce integration and payments; Shopify integration; new wallet functionality and Shopify integration; interscripted– an efficient distributed coding framework that allows for dynamic, AI-driven NFT behaviour. Vatom NFTs can be minted on many blockchains and sidechains.

Vatom Inc. made its debut at Cannes Lions with over ten thousand people and dropped more than ten thousand NFTs the last day. This is a significant milestone in the world NFT’s. It also changed the way we connect online.

Vatom NFT Platform offers five components in one:

  • Vatom SpatialWeb is an evolution of the World Wide Web. It transforms it into a social space that can scale massively and has native, AI-driven NFTs. These NFTs are able to seamlessly move between AR and VR. Vatom’s Spatial Web, which is open to all creators, developers and designers, is the most scalable category in its class by many orders of magnitude and offers unparalleled security, reliability, and dependability.
  • Vatom NFTs: Atoms are short for “virtual atoms” and have been used to create approximately 30 million Vatoms into 2 million Vatom Network wallets. Atoms are powered using the VEE ERC-20 token.
  • Vatom Studio: A self-service toolkit for system integrators, creators, and agencies to create and manage NFTs.
  • Vatom Marketplace: Buy, sell, and trade Vatom NFTs in all categories.
  • Vatom Community: Code samples, tips, discussion boards and documentation. APIs and SDKs are also available. Contests, hackathons, and developer conferences are all part of the Vatom Community.

For decades, the web has steadily evolved to be more valuable as a platform for engaging users and driving creativity, community and commerce. Vatom Inc.’s innovations are crucial to anyone who is considering NFT creation. Pulier suggests these things to us:

We started with static pages and then we got database driven content and streaming audio and video, user-generated content, eCommerce and semantic understanding of the language.

– The next generation in online engagement includes three components: identity, ownership, and a new spatial and social canvas that spans AR vs VR.

Identity is a true self-sovereign identity that allows an individual to control and own their personal data.

– The true ownership of digital goods is the same as physical goods. These non-fungible tokens (or “NFTs”) are used to authenticate the ownership of digital goods. They can be traced back as it moves hands and have transparent and indelible records that prove they are genuine. Eric Pulier, founder of Vatom, Inc., proposed the first NFTs in 2015. They were referred to as “Vatoms’ ‘, for “Virtual Atoms’ ‘. Atoms are different from other NFTs because they are intended for engagement and not just speculation. Atoms are alive with 3d Graphics and animation, sound, and sound. They can also change their state according to external events such as weather or sports scores. Vatoms are a long-term link between creator and owner, allowing for future human engagement.

The new social canvas also means that you can experience the online world with new people and digital objects. This is the NFT Metaverse, and it is the future of the Web. The NFT Metaverse will revolutionise our ability to communicate with each other, do business, learn, play, and work online.

This new metaverse accelerates the “creator economy”, giving companies and individuals the ability to engage, monetize and activate audiences around the world like never before.

It is vital to distinguish technologies that have been proven to provide end users with the best products and support their products as the NFT market continues to grow. Pulier believes in NFTs as an anchor for the digital world and has a long-term view of its success.

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