Everything You Need To Know About Angel

I, Angel

The web series’ is based on women violence and an actionable role of Angelica to end violence against women. Marie Solimena will play the lead role in the web series I, Angel. Fred Copeland will direct the film, which will be produced by Cineplex Studios.

It tells the narrative of Angelica, a photographer during the day and vigilante by night, played by Marie Solimena. When she detects that one of her clients is being abused by her husband, she decides to protect women and seek revenge.

Web Series Success

Angel has all the requirements for a winning TV drama: appealing Gen-X characters, intriguing plots, and enough (largely benign) romance to satisfy both youthful audiences and their families.

Nonetheless, the show’s concepts of salvation, gothic overtones, and the heartless deeds committed by some of the vulnerable make it best suitable for adolescents and above.

Regarding Marie Solimena: Shadow, Zoe

Marie Solimena is a Los Angeles-based Italian-born actress. She made her film debut in I, Angel. In Genova, Italy, Marie Solimena began her acting career as a kid. Called the age of nine, she began studying acting and joining a theatrical club at La Quinta Praticabile. She was able to collaborate with theater directors Massimo Venturiello and Daniele Salvo, as well as performers Titti Tosca and Claudia Cardinale.

Marie also made her television debut in Eros Puglielli’s “Il Bello Delle Donne…Alcuni Anni Dopo.”

Marie started performing for cinema at the LAMDA Academy in London, UK, throughout high school. She traveled to New York after high school to study acting, and after a year, she relocated to Los Angeles to complete her education at the New York Film Academy.

She had the chance to be schooled in film acting by Emmy Award Winner American Television Producer Micheal Laibson, as well as voice-over by Emmy Award Winner George McGrath. She received a Magna Cum Laude from NYFA and is presently residing in Los Angeles to follow her aspirations.

She is a dedicated worker who appreciates all aspects of theater and cinema, including acting, directing, writing, and producing. Marie is multilingual (English and Italian) and she speaks French fluently.