Everything you need to know about Ma, starring Christine Viviers

Ma, is a choreo-choral piece created as part of a larger research project. The piece explores the white, Afrikaner woman and her relation to nostalgic objects, her own identity, and how both the body and objects can shift within performance, allowing for multiple transgressions to arise. In the piece a chorus of young, white, Afrikaner women is created, a chorus of ‘daughters’ who seek to ‘talk back’, ‘perform back’ to the Mother(tongue), with a specific emphasis on the Afrikaans language as spoken object. Therefore, the performance ma, not only refers to the specific relationship between a mother and her daughter(s), but seeks to encapsulate various metaphors around the mother figure within South Africa.

Christine Viviers plays one of the leads alongside Anoecha Krüger, Megan Theron, and Mariana del Carmen. It is written, directed and produced by Kanya Viljoen.

Christine described the experience as “extremely collaborative” and that she “loved every second of it.” It’s a story that South Africa needs to hear.

Regarding Christine Viviers –

Christine Viviers is a Los Angeles-based South African-born actress. She made her film debut in Ma in Cape Town, South Africa, Christine Viviers began her acting career as a kid. After studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Stellenbosch University, Christine moved to New York City to study Acting at New York Film Academy, HB studio and later graduated with her BFA with honors from AMDA in Los Angeles.

She had the chance to be schooled in film acting by Emmy Award Winner for Supporting Actress Blanche Baker, as well as Obie Award Winner Mark Blum and many more notable teachers.

She is a dedicated worker who appreciates all aspects of theater and cinema, including acting, directing, writing, and producing. Christine is multilingual (English and Afrikaans) and uses her knowledge of the language as a strength in her acting.