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Are you looking for a reliable and effective way to boost your child’s academic confidence? Look no further than Explore Learning! With award-winning maths and English tuition, our experienced tutors are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. Whether your child needs help with homework, exam preparation or simply wants to improve their skills, we have the tools and expertise to make learning fun, engaging and accessible. So why wait? Discover the power of Explore Learning today!

What is the difference between maths and english tuition?

Maths and English tuition can be quite different, depending on what you are looking for. English tuition can often focus more on helping students to improve their writing skills, while maths tuition can centre around teaching specific mathematical concepts. Both types of education have their benefits, so it is important to make the right choice for your needs.

One of the big differences between maths and English tuition is that maths tuition often focuses more on problem-solving skills. This means that students will learn how to independently solve problems, rather than just being taught how to do homework or answer questions correctly. This type of learning is beneficial because it helps students to develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

English tuition, on the other hand, can often focus on helping students to improve their speaking and writing skills. This means that students will learn how to construct good sentences and paragraphs, as well as how to use correct grammar. This type of education is beneficial because it helps students build practical skills which they can use in real life.

What type of student should consider learning maths and english?

If you are looking for a comprehensive and challenging education, then learning maths and English may be the perfect choice for you. The subjects offer many opportunities for personal enrichment and career growth.

Maths is essential for students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Many careers in these areas require good mathematical skills. English is also important for students seeking to study disciplines such as law, medicine, business or tourism. Many jobs in these fields require excellent written communication skills.

Both maths and English can be difficult subjects to learn. However, with the help of a qualified tutor, you can achieve great results. Award-winning tuition is available at many centres across the UK. If you are interested in learning maths or english please contact your nearest centre to discuss your individual needs.

How much does maths and english tuition cost in different states?

Choosing the right school for your child’s mathematics and English tuition can be daunting. To help make things easier, we have compared average tuition fees for both subjects in different states.

In New York, for example, maths tuition is $4,620 per year, while English tuition is $5,360. In California, meanwhile, maths tuition is $10,080 per year and English tuition is $11,880.

So what does this mean for you? It means that regardless of where you live – whether you are in New York or California – you can find a good school with affordable maths and English tuition. And if you want to research further, our award winning Learning website offers detailed information on over 1,000 schools worldwide. So whether your child wants to learn maths or English in a traditional school setting or at home using innovative methods like online learning – Learning has got you covered!

Which states offer the best value for money when it comes to maths and english tuition?

When it comes to finding good value for money when it comes to maths and English tuition, many states offer excellent prospects. Whilst not all states provide the same level of opportunity, each offers its own unique set of advantages.

Some states – like Virginia and Texas – have long histories in mathematics and English education, meaning that they already have strong foundations in these fields. This means that students can be confident that their tuition will be of a high quality, and that they will receive ample support from teachers.

Other states – like Utah and Colorado – are newer to the market, but this hasn’t stopped them from offering great value for money. Their systems are designed around ensuring that students receive individualised attention, which is something that is often lacking in more established states.

No matter what state you settle in, make sure you do your research to find the best tuition options for you. There are plenty of great providers out there, so don’t hesitate to explore Learning’s selection!


If you’re looking for an award-winning maths and English tuition service, look no further than ours! Our team of experienced educators are passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals, and we will do everything in our power to help you succeed. We offer a wide range of courses that cover all levels of mathematics and English, so there is something for everyone. We also have a variety of supplementary materials available to purchase if you need them to support your studies. So whether you’re a primary school student or a university student looking to raise your grades, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning learning services!

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