Francisco Marques is a writer who won the hearts of Pope Francis and Cristiano Ronaldo’s family

Francisco Marques is 23 years old and is currently studying in Rome. With 4 books published, he became known for his bestseller: “From Superstition to Devotion”, which was read by Pope Francis in the Spanish version. Through this book, the young man created a great friendship with Pope Francis.

The young man has participated in all the main Portuguese television channels to talk about his books and his life story.

The last book he wrote, published by PAULUS, is entitled “O Amigo de Francisco“, and it has been a great sales success in Portugal. Francisco Marques was also known for his friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo’s family. In fact, the mother and brother of the best player in the world were in Rome, guided by the young man.

Recently, Francisco was also in Madeira, at the home of Cristiano and the Aveiro family. Francisco Marques is from Aveiro, and went to Rome when he was just 18 years old. At just 23 years old, he has conquered the hearts of the Portuguese who watch the television programs in which he participates, and on social networks, where he shares some of his encounters.

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