Go Sun-Kissed with a Gorgeously Glowing Tan

In earlier times, more specifically the pre-industrial era, having a tan or freckles meant one was a peasant – someone who did manual labor for hours out in the sun. In fact, the rich went out of their way to preserve their milky white complexion using hats, parasols, and long-sleeved clothing to remain protected from the rays of the sun.

So, how did the tide turn and why did people start looking for the best tanning salon near me?

Change of tide

It is believed that the trend of tanned skin was started by the fashion icon, Coco Chanel. A couple of her photographs emerged in which she appeared tanned after sunbathing for a long on a cruise. Women immediately took to that sun-kissed glow and threw off the Victorian-era shackle of white skin.

Over time, this trend just grew bigger and bigger. Tanning started becoming associated with a ‘vacation lifestyle’ – cruises, lounging out in the sun, tropical islands… it became a status symbol of the rich and the wannabes.

However, not everyone could afford this kind of lifestyle, and that need led to the emergence of the tanning salon.

This mecca of beauty aid has helped men and women all over the world to appear ‘healthy’ and attractive. In fact, many people get tanned in salons before an important event or function to appear more beautiful.

In almost all the movies and social media platforms of today, you will see tanned actors only as having a darker complexion makes one appear slimmer along with younger.

Why tanning is still so popular

If you see a rush in a tanning salon in Coral Springs, FL, there are several reasons why this is so.

  • A tan makes you look refreshed. Even if you are fatigued, a bit of color on your skin will help you to look awake and incredible.
  • Having a tan helps you to appear thinner and taller. Color adds definition to the skin, and celebrities use tanning cleverly to look slimmer on camera, which is known to add around 10 pounds to a person.
  • Most of your skin’s imperfections are hidden by tanning. Going back to TV or movie stars, if you’ll notice them carefully, you’ll see that they appear darker than normal. This is because tanning conceals minor skin flaws and makes one appear flawless.
  • As mentioned before, if one has a tan, everyone believes that they are coming back from a sunny tropical paradise. Get a tan and you will surely be asked about your vacay by most coworkers and friends. There will surely be a deluge of compliments and a few jealous looks too!

Getting tanned is a sure-fire way to become the center of attention anywhere – be it your office, a friend’s get-together, or a party. And if you live in a cold place, your golden tan will make you stand out in the crowd, especially if you get one during the winter months. Visit a salon today and see the difference a tan makes in your life.