HAIQEEM Rock’s The Mask of The Sorrow Tour to Fort Worth’s THE RAIL CLUB LIVE

Attending a hard rock concert is a unique opportunity to understand how artists juxtapose power chords, distorted main riffs, and catchy vocals to achieve melodic songs. This opportunity also provides one with the dynamic that rock bands use, including loud drums and pentatonic scales to deliver energetic performances. For instance, I attended Haiqeem hard rock band concert at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas, and experienced the integration of various instruments and vocal styles from the group’s Pop compilations, ending with a cover song from The Velvet Revolver.

Haiqeem hard rock band performance was an extraordinary experience that incorporated a transcendence state and utopian atmosphere. The group performed four pieces from the, including So Deep, Wrath, Fly, and Slither (The Velvet Revolver), making the fans fulfill the fantasy of watching their favorite band’s performance (In addition, apart from delivering a cathartic experience, the concert was also opportunity for me to meet other hard rock fans.) However, despite the group’s effort to deliver an astounding performance, the venue was sparsely packed during the first and second songs. Haiqeem’s hard rock band’s decision to start the performance early at 7 p.m. contributed to the low turnout during the performance’s first half.

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Fly and Slither’s performances were very different from the first two songs because the venue was noticeably packed. Fans danced and sang along to the pieces. For instance, during the catchy song, Fly, the audience responded to the group’s lead singer’s request to sing along to its lyrics. Haiqeem’s hard rock band elevated the experience through remarkable voices and instrumentals, thus, confirming the members’ inequitable talent. One performance highlight moment was the lead singer’s guitar solo during Slither, which ricocheted brilliantly with a unique falsetto and rich tenor vocals allowing the audience to screech in comedic futility attempting to hit the song’s high notes. Therefore, although the band only performed four songs, the audience left with timeless memories.