Hottest Nail Colors For Dark Skin

The appropriate nail color can beautifully compliment your skin tone and bring out the radiance in it. Before choosing a nail color, ensure that it blends pretty well with your skin tone. Your nail colors can give out an idea on your fashion sense or preference so if you have no idea on choosing your perfect color, this guide will help you and provide enough information to help you get that chic look. In case you end up growing fungal infections from improper use of nail colors, there is always over the counter nail fungus treatment available out there.

Now let’s look at some of the hottest nail polish colors that compliments a dark skin tone.

  • Custard yellow: this color has a warm theme that perfectly matches the beauty of dark skin. This not too flashy or bright color displays yellow with a mix of nude and milky look. To complete this look, you can try on a chocolate brown dress or outfit.
  • Peach color: this pretty color depicts class and has a younger look. It gives the fingernails a baby girl’s look and at the same time a high class chic look. The peach nail polish looks good on both long and short nails. To complete this look, you can try on a light blue or white outfit.
  • Lemon green: This color is on a whole different level and class. For lover’s of flashy and attention catching nails, this color is for you. It shines radiantly against dark skin and looks totally awesome. The lemon green nail color gives a sassy kind of vibe and is perfect for clubbing or partying. To complete this look, wear an orange or black dress.
  • Royal blue: This color gives of a bold and independent vibe, it goes well on dark skin. You can add a silver touch to further beautify the blue color. A white or light pink outfit will be a perfect match for this nail color.
  • Golden brown: that pretty brown skin girl’s vibe? Yes that’s what you get with this nail polish color. That cute color of a tasty doughnut, and those fries you love,  that’s the color. Not too flashy but with a sassy vibe, the golden brown color fits perfectly on dark skin tone. Get yourself some golden brown nails and a pretty milk color outfit to go with it.
  • Red: A combination of red on dark and shiny skin tone is one of the best combos ever. Try the blood red or shiny red color for a dramatic or big girl kinda look. Don’t forget to wear a black or lilac outfit to match.
  • Sky blue: the sky is pretty and so is your skin, pamper your nails with the sky blue color for a pretty young look. Sky blue isn’t so eye catching or flashy however, it’s very adorable and stylish. Compliment this nail color with a light pink outfit.
  • Nude color: If you want pretty nails that fits your skin tone without much contrast or saturation, pick the nude color. It gives off a pretty yet simple and attractive nail look. This nail color typically goes with all your favorite outfits and dresses.

If you are going to use nail colors as a part of your fashion routine, pay attention to nail health and safe practices. Otherwise, you might end up needing treatment for nail fungus.