How Late is The Closest Grocery Store Open in 2022? -Some ways to find the closest Grocery store

People love to shop occasionally as online shopping sometimes takes longer to arrive, leading to many scams and the worst experience. People who love to crave late-night food are often curious about how late is the closest grocery store open?

If you are a night owl and want to find out which grocery store is open nearest you in 2022? Then, you are in the right place. Are you a working person and have no idea what is the best time to shop your groceries at the closest store? Find out about your nearest grocery store so you can visit the outlet whenever you can when you get off work by reading this article.

What are the opening and closing timing of grocery stores near your location?

Most grocery stores close during covid, and you will not get anything from your nearest store. But some big grocery stores are open 24 hours which means you have the access of getting unlimited groceries for your kids and family at any time. Working people always try to find shops that are open for a whole day.

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If you need medicines during the night, you can get them at Walmart if you live nearby because Walmart is the largest grocery chain in the United States, and you can shop there all day, and it is open for a whole week. Many grocery stores have a strict time limit. Some are open between 6 am to 10 pm, and some are open for 24 hours.

Suppose you visit your nearest store daily then you will have a slight idea about their timings. Some store’s timings are affected due to lockdown, so you can get the information of their timings by visiting the outlet near you. Grocery stores are typically open for six hours, so you should plan your time accordingly.

Best Ways to Find Closest Grocery stores

How do you find out the operational hours and days of grocery stores?

There are thousands of stores where you can go grocery shopping, but what to do if you cannot find out the operational hours of your nearest grocery store? There are two different ways to find the operating hours of your closest grocery store.

First, you can list your local grocery store and visit every store when there is time for shopping. Ask them about their operational timings and save them on your list.

Additionally, you can locate the number of your nearest grocery store and call them to determine if the market is open and what are the hours for opening and closing during a lockdown?

If you don’t like the idea of making a list, Here we have found a website known as yelp. Have you ever wondered? You can find out the timing of your closest grocery store within one click.

Yes, this website does magic for you. You need to set your location and add the “closest grocery stores open 24 hours” filter. Now you have the list of multiple stores for groceries near you. You can also find out the restaurants and other services you need at night.

Find the closest grocery stores through this Google Map.

When shopping online, there are thousands of grocery stores available. You can order groceries online using the apps, but you can also find physical stores near your home if you avoid shopping for groceries online. But how do you locate a grocery store near your home if you don’t know its address?

Well, Google Maps is your shopping buddy. The application introduced by google helps thousands of people to reach their destination quickly. Not only this, but google maps also have the data of every restaurant, store, cinema, and other outlet.

Even grocery stores are listed on google maps with their opening and closing hours and pictures. Let’s find out how to use google maps to find your closest grocery store. Using these simple steps, you are prepared to visit your favorite grocery store whenever you like.

  • Download google maps on your mobile if you are using it on your laptop; simply search google maps on google.
  • Now set the location of your home or the place where you wish to find a grocery store.
  • After adding the address in the search bar, click the enter button.
  • Go to the nearby tab, type the keyword “Grocery Stores,” and click enter.
  • Now scroll down the app and find out the category tab select groceries or any place you want to visit.
  • You will receive a list of unlimited grocery stores in your area. The red dots direct you to the stores.
  • There are even ratings, distances, and pictures of grocery stores, so you can choose the store that best meets your needs.

List of some popular grocery stores that are open 24 hours

  1. Walmart INC.
  2. The Kroger co.
  3. Ahold Delhaize USA.
  4. Meijer inc.
  5. Whole food market. 
  6. Wakefern food corp.  
  7. Aldi
  8. Albertson cos. Inc.
  10. Trader Joe’s
  11. H-E-B
  12. Hy-Vee Food Stores
  13. Publix
  14. Trader’s Joe
  15. Wegmans
  16. ALDI
  17. Costco
  18. Shoprite
  19. Meijer
  20. Giant Food Stores
  21. Safeway


Although we all enjoy shopping for groceries, it is essential to remember that some grocery stores close at 9 pm, and some are open 24 hours a day. Collecting information about your nearby grocery stores is a great idea. We have discussed some methods for finding the closest grocery store. Do you know how late is the closest grocery store open in 2022? You can also check the list of popular grocery stores near your home in our article.