How Long Does Goat Take To Ship An Order? FAQS About Goat Marketplace

What Is Goat, And How Long Does Goat Take To Ship? The first and far most important question arises: what is a goat? Goat is a popular online marketplace and fashion sportswear retailer. They are known for their perfect quality, which makes them famous worldwide.

However, Goat has several suppliers, so if you order a specific item, it doesn’t take a lot of time to deliver it to you. We are here discussing everything we know about Goat and its shipping time, so please read it entirely if you have any queries.

How Long Does Goat Take To Ship?

Usually, when placed, goat orders take around 7-10 days to complete the process, Ship and deliver to the customer. Customers should wait for 3-4 working days to complete the order process, including transactions. However, the supplier given a 72-hour deadline when the order is confirmed sends the order to the customer. 

Does Goat Deliver The Next Day?

What if a customer wants an item the next day, so the goat delivers the next day? The answer is yes. Goat offers an instant delivery option on pre-verified items marked as instant on the website. Goat charges 25$ for instant delivery; the item can be delivered the next day if your delivery location is included in 48 contiguous states. Sorry, this offer is not for delivery orders to PO box addresses or military bases.

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If you need your item fast and your address is in 48 contiguous states, instant delivery is the best option.

Where Is the Goat Located?

They ship all their orders from Plainview, New York, although their headquarters are in California, United States.

They ship in all their 50 states, including and also in Canada. They do not offer to send anything other than these locations. In China, they also have a Goat team as their market for sneakers is rising, which leads them to create offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

International order :

To complete an overseas shipment takes about 10-25 days, depending upon the customer’s location. As the goat receives and confirms your order, they have around five days to process and make your item from scratch.

There are also different factors for international delivery, such as import duties. Goat doesn’t charge you import taxes at the time of payment, but if your order comes from China, you are charged with import duty, and you have to enter your national identity number. Otherwise, you don’t have to pay any extra taxes on your order at the time of delivery.

Does Goat deliver on weekends?

The answer is simply no. The retailer has time to deliver orders in 2-3 working days which doesn’t include weekends. Some retailers may send your orders on weekends, but goats don’t deliver on weekends.

How to track my order on a goat?

You have placed your order; now you want to know where your parcel is and how long it will take to reach you. For this purpose, Goat has developed an app in which your items can be tracked by the tracking number given after the item is sent out to deliver.

Is goat the fastest delivery option?

Goat has always prioritized the customers‘ needs, and for this, they have given the option of instant delivery on the items that are pre-verified ready to ship. If you want the order to be reached fast, this can be the only best option. Other than that, orders that need to be verified and processed take around 2-7 days to receive by the customer.

Are the items fake on the goat website?

To keep their customers satisfied, the goat team keeps check and balance on their retailers. They authenticate by checking the original receipts of the used items by artificial intelligence scanning.

What happens if the retailer doesn’t send the order? 

When the order is confirmed, the seller has a slot of 72 hours to complete and ship the order. If the seller doesn’t finish it in this time slot, the deal is canceled, and it will notify you on your app.

Will the goat refund your amount? 

If the product is not what you ordered or something less than perfect, only then the goat refunds the amount. First, you have to download the Goat app to return and refund. Within three days of receiving the item, you will inform the app about the return. 

After returning the product, they will inspect it, and if the product is what you said, the shipping cost will be deducted. The amount is returned on the app in goat credits, not in cash, so that you can order another item from them by those points.

Who is the founder and CEO of goat? 

The Goat group was co-founded and led by Eddy Lu. Goat has a market value of about 3.7 million. This marketplace sells and resells sportswear, accessories, and sneakers.


The Goat is a successful and popular marketplace. They usually try to ship items as soon as possible. Standard delivery takes place in 7-10 days, including confirmation, processing, and availability. But if you opt for instant delivery, you can receive your items in 2 business days.