How to Do a Boolean Search in Google

What to Know

AND: Searches for all of the seek phrases you specify, e.g., seek Amazon AND Rainforest for web sites that consist of each phrases.

OR: Searches for one time period or some other, e.g., seek the way to draw OR paint if you would like outcomes on both time period however now no longer always each.

Group phrases in a word with citation marks, e.g., seek “sausage biscuits” for outcomes that consist of most effective the phrases together.

This article explains the way to carry out a Boolean seek in Google. Boolean searches specify what you need to locate and whether or not to make it greater specific (the usage of AND) or much less specific (the usage of OR).

AND Boolean Operator

Use the AND operator in Google to look for all of the seek phrases you specify. Using AND guarantees that the subject you are getting to know is the subject you get withinside the seek outcomes.

Illustration of someone doing a Boolean look for HTML and Java

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For example, a look for Amazon on Google is possibly to yield outcomes regarding, which includes the site’s homepage, its Twitter account, Amazon Prime records, and objects to be had for buy on

If you need records at the Amazon rainforest, a look for Amazon rainforest would possibly yield outcomes approximately or the phrase Amazon in general. To ensure every seek end result consists of each Amazon and rainforest, use the AND operator.

Screenshot displaying the way to use the AND Boolean operator on Google

Examples of the AND operator consist of:

Amazon AND rainforest

sausage AND biscuits

nice AND university AND towns

In every of those examples, seek outcomes consist of net pages with all of the phrases linked via way of means of the Boolean operator AND.

A Boolean operator need to be in uppercase letters due to the fact that is how Google knows it is a seek operator and now no longer a everyday phrase. Be cautious while typing the quest operator; it makes a distinction withinside the seek outcomes.

OR Boolean Operator

Google makes use of the OR operator to look for one time period or some other time period. An article can comprise both phrase however does not should consist of each. This commonly works properly while the usage of  comparable phrases or topics you need to analyze approximately.

For example, in a look for the way to draw OR paint, the OR operator tells Google it does not rely which phrase is used in view that you want records on each.

screenshot of seek the way to draw OR paint the usage of the Boolean seek operator OR

To see the variations among the OR and AND operators, examine the outcomes of the way to draw OR paint as opposed to the way to draw AND paint. Since OR offers Google the liberty to expose greater content (in view that both phrase may be used), there are greater outcomes than if AND is used to limition the quest to consist of each phrases.

The smash person (|) may be utilized in vicinity of OR. The smash person is the only connected to the backslash key ().

Examples of the OR operator consist of:

the way to draw OR paint

the way to draw | paint

primal OR paleo recipes

pink OR yellow triangle

Combine Boolean Searches and Use Exact Phrases

When attempting to find a word in place of a unmarried phrase, organization the phrases with citation marks. For example, look for “sausage biscuits” (with the rates included) to expose most effective outcomes for terms that consist of the phrases together, with out whatever among them. It ignores terms which includes sausage and cheese biscuits.

However, a look for “sausage biscuits” | “cheese sauce” offers outcomes for both precise word, so you may locate articles approximately cheese sauce and articles approximately sausage biscuits.

When attempting to find a word or multiple keyword, similarly to the usage of a Boolean operator, use parentheses. Type recipes gravy (sausage | biscuit) to look for gravy recipes for both sausages or biscuits. To look for sausage biscuit recipes or reviews, integrate the precise word with quotations and look for “sausage biscuit” (recipe | review).

If you need paleo sausage recipes that consist of cheese, type (with rates) “paleo recipe” (sausage AND cheese).

Screenshot displaying the way to integrate Boolean seek operators on Google

Boolean Operators Are Case Sensitive

Google might not care approximately uppercase or lowercase letters in seek phrases, however Boolean searches are case sensitive. For a Boolean operator to work, it need to be in all capital letters.

For example, a look for freeware for Windows OR Mac offers one of a kind outcomes than a look for freeware for Windows or Mac.

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