How to Fix HDCP Error on Apple TV

Sometimes, Apple TV customers can also additionally see an blunders like:

This content material calls for HDCP for playback

This video can’t be played

Oh no blunders including Oh no! Something went wrong (you could see this mainly if you are attempting to apply AirPlay)

Oh no blunders message

HDCP for playback blunders

This may be some thing you spot proper after connecting up all of your components (TV, Apple TV, etc.). There are different kinds of mistakes that an Apple TV consumer would possibly enjoy while seeking to move positive content material – including YouTube, Netflix, or HBO Max. HDCP mistakes, however, commonly factor to problems with hardware or the bodily connections among them.

What is an HDCP blunders

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It assessments that the receiving tool is allowed after which it encrypts the content material (just like the film you’re streaming) with a purpose to save you it from being copied. HDCP mistakes arise while there’s a connection trouble among devices. This can both be because of a bodily connection trouble, or a conversation trouble among the 2 devices. This sort of blunders isn’t always particular to Apple TV. Many customers of different streaming devices, like Roku, have additionally skilled HDCP mistakes.

The HDMI Cable

The simplest factor to attempt is clearly unplugging after which reconnecting the HDMI cable among the Apple TV and your TV.

Unplug each ends of the HDMI cable.

Turn off/unplug from energy each your tv and your Apple TV. Wait 2 minutes.

Reconnect the cable and energy returned on.

Other matters you would possibly attempt with the cable include:

Connect your Apple TV without delay for your TV, if it isn’t already.

Turn the cable around – should assist with bodily connection problems because of imperfect connections.

Try a exceptional HDMI cable.

Try a exceptional HDMI port in your TV.

If your TV is Old(er)

Because of the manner that HDCP works, in case your TV is simply too old, it is able to now no longer comply with the HDCP requirements and hence you may get an blunders while your Apple TV detects that your TV isn’t legal to acquire the reproduction blanketed content material. One manner that could paintings is to location what’s referred to as a splitter among the Apple TV and your TV. HDMI splitters appear to have combined evaluations in terms of whether or not or now no longer they may paintings to get rid of the HDCP sign and permit the content material to byskip from Apple TV for your TV.

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