How to get severe weather alerts on iPhone and iPad

Over the years, the iPhone Weather app is granularly improving. However, iOS sixteen and iPadOS sixteen controlled a barely higher and larger leap. You can now view climate maps, have a Weather widget at the Home and Lock Screen, and get signals for excessive climate.

And as Apple does, it has delivered the function pretty proficiently. You can prompt emergency climate notifications and precipitation reviews on your vicinity and places you’ve indexed withinside the Weather app. So, with out in addition ado, allow’s investigate a way to set emergency climate signals to your iPhone and iPad.

What are excessive climate signals?

  1. How to show on climate signals on your place on iPhone or iPad
  2. Enable climate notifications for different places
  3. If you’re now no longer receiving climate notifications?
  4. What are excessive climate signals and could I get them?

As the call suggests, the iPhone and iPad Weather app will notify you if a excessive, emergency or horrific climate alert is issued close to you. This consists of real-time notifications for precipitation, rain storms, tornados, hurricanes, flash floods, warmth waves, and greater.

However, the function isn’t always to be had in all international locations and areas. As of writing, it become to be had for:

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico
  4. Australia
  5. India
  6. Japan
  7. China
  8. Brazil
  9. Thailand

And maximum international locations and areas in Europe

Remember, you could switch on those signals on your present day and favorited places.

How to show on climate signals on your place on iPhone or iPad

The manner includes steps, first permitting the Weather app to get admission to your place after which turning on climate notifications from the app.

1. Enable place get admission to

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Swipe down and choose Privacy & security.
  3. Tap Location Services → toggle on Location Services if now no longer already.
  4. Locate and choose Weather from the listing.
  5. Tap Always.
  6. Ensure which you permit Precise Location for the Weather app to get admission to your specific place.
  7. Enable place offerings on an iPhone

2. Enable notifications withinside the Weather app

  • Open the Weather app.
  • Tap the bullet listing icon at the lowest proper.
  • Next, faucet the 3 dots icon on the pinnacle proper.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Tap Continue.

Setting up your place withinside the climate app

If prompted, choose Allow after which Allow again.

Toggle on, as in keeping with your preference:

Severe Weather

Next-Hour Precipitation

Tap Done

Allowing Weather Alerts on an iPhone

Now, you’ll get stay notification updates for one-of-a-kind climate situations supported on your region.

Enable climate notifications for different places

Go to the Weather app → bullet listing icon.

Tap the 3 dots icon → Notifications.

Under the Locations section, pick the place.

Toggle on:

Severe Weather

Next-Hour Precipitation

Tap Done.

Weather notifications for different places

To disable climate notification of your place or different places on your climate listing, repeat the above steps, toggle off, and faucet Done.

If you’re now no longer receiving climate notifications?

Apple updates the Weather app with real-time climate records from diverse information sources. Most of those are place-specific. So you may not get notified if the Weather app can’t get admission to information out of your region.

Hence, at the same time as notifications approximately a few climate modifications are to be had in decided on international locations, they aren’t in a few. If you’re withinside the indexed regions stated above, make certain you’re the use of the modern day iOS sixteen.


While Apple nonetheless has an extended manner to compete with different third-celebration climate forecasting apps exist; I’ll take those smaller victories for now. At least we were given a climate app on iPad for the primary time in 12 years.

I propose you don’t allow the Weather app take a seat down there doing nothing. Instead, permit the excessive climate signals to workout its muscle and allow Apple understand that’s it at the proper track. Have greater queries or thoughts to share? Use the remark section.

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