How to identify a font, any font, anywhere you find it

With hundreds of fonts in circulation, it’s hard to pick out a particular font from memory, whilst you see it. Fortunately, you don’t have to—there are loose web sites and an iOS app that could pick out font samples for you at the fly. The procedure is simple and an entire lot of fun.

How to pick out a font from a broadcast pattern

No depend which useful resource you use, figuring out a font from a broadcast pattern works the identical manner: Scan or take a image of the textual content, then add it. After the characters themselves are efficaciously recognized, the useful resource attempts to locate the font.

For satisfactory results, use a clean, immediately picturegraph of the pattern textual content. Ideally, discover a massive published instance of the font after which test it–18 factor textual content or large works satisfactory, due to the fact the rims of the characters might be greater accurate. If you don’t have a scanner, take a cautious picture together along with your cellphone or digital digicam. Hold your digital digicam regular so the textual content isn’t skewed horizontally or vertically. If you’re operating with an picturegraph that’s askew, you could straighten it out in an picturegraph editor.

The maximum swish manner to pick out a font withinside the wild is with the loose WhatTheFont Mobile app. Just release the app after which snap a image of the textual content anywhere it appears: on paper, signage, walls, a book, and so on. The app activates you to crop the image to the textual content after which pick out every character. Probable fonts then seem in a listing under the image you uploaded, the usage of the letters out of your instance textual content (which facilitates you decide the satisfactory match). Tap any font withinside the listing to peer greater details.


Here are the stairs for figuring out the font of the iPad field the usage of the WhatTheFont Mobile app on an iPhone.


If you don’t have an iOS device (!), attempt the usage of this kind of web sites instead:



Each webweb page examines an picturegraph you add after which asks you to go into the letters that seem to your picturegraph. The internet site then attempts its very satisfactory to pick out the font for you. Again, the higher the picture, the higher your probabilities are of locating the font.

How to pick out a font on a webpage

Happily, it’s a long way less difficult to pick out fonts at the net than it’s miles in print. If the font you need to locate is utilized in stay net textual content, rather than an picturegraph, simply use WhatFont, that’s to be had as a bookmarklet, in addition to an extension for Safari and Chrome. Once installed, the extension provides a small “f?” button to the left of the cope with discipline to your browser. Click the button, factor your mouse at a few textual content, and data approximately the font magically appears.

WhatFont Safari

With the WhatFont Safari plug-in, you could pick out fonts you spot on webpages.


Clicking on a few textual content at the same time as WhatFont is energetic pins a font element panel to that textual content. This panel now no longer simplest suggests the font call and size, it additionally indicates the font’s alphabet and its color (as a hex value).

WhatFont Safari

To study greater approximately a font the usage of WhatFont, click on the textual content to summon this available panel.


Identify a font from an picturegraph at the net

If the font you need to pick out at the net is sincerely interior an picturegraph (say, a brand or an ad), you’ll want to apply one of the published font assets noted earlier. However, in place of importing your personal picturegraph of the textual content, simply drag the picturegraph from the internet site on your computing device after which add that picturegraph to the font-figuring out service.

That said, Firefox and Chrome customers can mechanically add pics the usage of the WhatFontIs extension. Once installed, truly right-click on an picturegraph and choose “Use this picturegraph on” The webweb page opens in a brand new tab together along with your picturegraph primed and equipped for identity.

Ask the pros

If not one of the above assets can pick out your font, attempt importing the picturegraph to one of the following famous font identity forums. In a satisfactory-case scenario, your font might be recognized in minutes. Otherwise, it could take some hours or maybe days.

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