How to Pause Video Recording on iPhone

No remember whether or not you’re the usage of the brand new iPhone thirteen Pro Max or maybe the iPhone 8, video recording is second-to-none withinside the phone space. Chances are you’ve likely watched some YouTube movies that have been absolutely recorded the usage of an iPhone. And of course, having your iPhone to your pocket offers you a awesome video recorder for the ones treasured moments that arise which you don’t need to forget.

Can You Pause Video Recording on iPhone?

Did you understand that the unique iPhone had a digital digicam, however you couldn’t use it to report video? Owners have been relegated to the jailbreak scene in the event that they desired to try to report any movies. Of course, returned then, the digital digicam great turned into a touch bit higher than a potato, however it simply is going to expose how a ways we’ve come.

Speaking of obstacles at the iPhone, there may be one irritating issue as you presently can’t pause video recording on iPhone. When you begin recording, the simplest manner to “pause” is to prevent recording entirely, which then saves the particular video clip to the Photos app. This is great in maximum cases, however in case you don’t need to simply have a group of various videos that want to be spliced collectively later, it could be a chunk of an annoyance.

How to Pause Video Recording on iPhone

All wish isn’t lost, however, for folks that need to pause video recording on iPhone. As is the case with maximum obstacles, all you want to do is flip to the App Store so that you can clear up your problems. Here are some one of a kind digital digicam apps withinside the App Store that virtually make it feasible to pause video recording on iPhone:

  • PauseCam Video Recorder Camera: The simplest manner to pause your digital digicam at the same time as taking pictures video. Edit your movies and store or proportion it with friends!
  • Pause – Video editor & Camera: Pause – new technology video digital digicam recorder and video editor that right away lets in you to report, pause, resume, and prevent video recording.
  • ClipyCam – Pause Video Camera: Pause & hold recordings. Record clips become independent from the principle video. Snap pix at the same time as recording. Arrange movies & pix. Edit name & location. Add recording timers.

For this example, we’ve downloaded PauseCam Video Recorder Camera on our iPhone thirteen Pro Max so as to expose you a way to pause video recording on iPhone. Once the app is downloaded, you’ll need to comply with those steps:

  1. Open the PauseCam app in your iPhone.
  2. On the splash screen, faucet Enable Camera.
  3. Confirm Camera utilization permissions.
  4. When taken returned to the splash screen, faucet Enable Microphone.
  5. Confirm microphone utilization permissions.
  6. Tap the Record button at the lowest to start recording.
  7. When you want to pause, simply faucet the Pause button that has changed the report button.
  8. Tap the Record button to choose returned up wherein you left off.
  9. Once you’ve completed recording, faucet the checkmark icon withinside the pinnacle proper corner.
  10. From the video preview, faucet the percentage icon withinside the pinnacle proper corner.
  11. Choose one of the following video great alternatives:
  • Original
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

12.Select one of the following alternatives for sharing:

  • Share With Friends
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Save
  • Save in Photos
  • More

While PauseCam makes it feasible to pause video recording on iPhone, there may be one component to be conscious of. In order to export your video in its complete great, you’ll want to pay to liberate the app’s complete capabilities. Otherwise, you’ll simplest be capable of export the video in Low Quality, which you could discover isn’t as awesome as you’ll have hoped, and falls pretty quick of matching what you could produce while recording from the inventory Camera app.

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