How to see how many songs you have in your Apple Music or Spotify library

How many songs do you’ve got got on Apple Music or Spotify? It seems that that’s truely a miles more difficult query to reply than you may think.

That’s due to the fact neither streaming carrier gives an clean “track remember” function on iOS, Android, or maybe PC. With that being stated, there are multiple workarounds that you could try.

How to test what number of songs you’ve got got on Apple Music?

To solution the query succinctly: there isn’t any manner to peer what number of songs you’ve got got stored on your Library in Apple Music. At least, now no longer on iOS.

On a pc, it’s miles truely viable whether or not you’ve got got get entry to to the Music app in Catalina or iTunes on Windows and older variations of macOS.

Just head to the Songs tab on your Music segment. Once you’re there, pick out all your songs and upload them to a unmarried playlist. Playlists, in contrast to your library itself, truely has a track remember range on it.

You can, of direction, do some thing comparable on iOS or Android, however it’s loads extra tedious. You’d should pick out each track in your cellphone and upload them to a unmarried playlist — that is less complicated stated than executed on cell running systems.

On iOS, you could truely discern out what number of songs are downloaded on your device’s nearby garage via Apple Music or iTunes, however.

Just head to Settings —> General —> About. Scroll down and you’ll see a segment for Songs. These are all the tracks stored on your iOS device’s nearby garage.

How to test what number of songs you’ve got got on Spotify?

Much like Apple Music, Spotify doesn’t truely provide any kind of manner to discern out what number of songs are truely on your Library. That’s proper even for tracks which are downloaded regionally on your device. There is a workaround for this, however.

You can pick out all the songs in your diverse playlists and upload them to a unmarried playlist. Like with Apple Music, Spotify playlists will truely have a track remember range.

Again, that is tons less complicated to perform on a Mac or PC in place of a cellphone or tablet. (Also hold in thoughts that the cell model of Spotify doesn’t seem to listing track remember beneathneath Playlists.)

It’s really well worth noting that the “Liked Songs” segment of the Spotify app doesn’t listing all the songs you’re stored to playlists. It most effective lists the tracks which you’ve mainly Liked the usage of the coronary heart icon.

With that being stated, it is able to be really well worth hitting that coronary heart icon subsequent to each music on your Spotify library. Once you’ve executed that, you’ll be capable of see a complete remember of all the songs which you have.

Other tune library recommendations

Spotify Local Files 2

You can pay attention to nearby MP3s on each Apple Music and Spotify.

So there’s no clean manner to peer all the songs which you have on your Library. But there are some more recommendations that you could hold in thoughts in case you need to hold your streaming offerings tidy and organized. Here are some essential ones.

  • Use playlist folders. Both Apple Music and Spotify guide playlist folders, which can be excellent for organizing your library. Unfortunately, you’ll want to apply the Apple Music or Spotify app on a pc to create playlist folders. On each platforms, you could create one through going to File > New > Playlist Folder.
  • Consider a “jogging tally” playlist. While it is able to be a ache to start, bear in mind including each track you want or songs throughout your diverse playlists to a unmarried playlist called “tally” or some thing comparable. That manner, you’ll be capable of see all the songs on your Library in a unmarried place.
  • Listen on your personal tune. If you’ve got got a non-streaming library of MP3s in your pc, you must take gain of them through being attentive to them via your streaming app of choice. Apple Music makes it pretty clean to pay attention to nearby songs transferred thru iTunes or the Music app. For Spotify, you could observe our preceding manual on downloading nearby tracks.
  • Trace recommends this direction of movement in case you are cushty with the Unix shell
  • Open a terminal window and extrade listing to wherein Apple tune shops albums
  • On Trace’s system, it’s miles here: /Users/trace/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/tune
  • Then, look for and remember documents with extensions for songs. In Trace’s library, they may be m4a for songs downloaded from the iTunes store, and .mp3 for songs digitized from vinyl or ripped from CDs. Be conscious that you can have specific tune codecs on your library
  • Here are the ones  instructions Trace used:
  • find . -name “*.mp3” | wc -l
  • find . -name “*.m4a” | wc -l

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