How to type the Pi (π) symbol on a Mac or iPhone

Even if it’s now no longer March 14, there are nevertheless motives why you may want to kind the Pi image. But whilst you could without difficulty write the phrase pi and anyone is aware of what you’re speakme about, it’s manner cooler to jot down the image π. It’s one of the maximum recognizable symbols in arithmetic however it’s now no longer observed on any fashionable keyboard. But there’s an smooth manner to kind it:

Press and keep the choice key (subsequent to Command).

  • Type the letter “P”.
  • Release/repeat.

That’s it. No depend what app you’re in or font you’re using, the Pi image will seem withinside the vicinity of the “P.” It’s a bit trickier at the iPhone and iPad. First, you want to go over to the Settings app, then General and Keyboard. Then faucet Keyboards, Add New Keyboard, and pick out Greek. When you’re typing, click on the globe icon withinside the backside left till you notice the Greek keyboard, and faucet the letter P (pinnacle row, 2nd from right). Tap the Globe icon once more to go back to the English keyboard.

Here are some different a laugh pi records to electrify your friends:

The Pi image is denoted with the aid of using the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet representing the lowercase letter “P.”

Welsh mathematician William Jones changed into the primary man or woman to apply the image to explicit Pi.

The longest extension of pi has been extra than sixty two trillion decimal places.

In historic Egypt, humans believed the Giza pyramids have been constructed at the ideas of Pi.

There’s a whole writing fashion known as Pilish primarily based totally on Pi’s mnemonic constraints.

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