Imran Khan Loses no Confidence Vote – Tasawar Abbas Journalist Germany

On 3rd April,2022 the joint opposition submitted a no confidence motion against Imran Khan but the speaker of the national assembly rejected the motion. After this Imran khan advised the president of the Pakistan to dissolve the Assemblies of Pakistan and call for new general elections. After the suggestion of Imran khan, the president of the Pakistan Arif Alvi dissolved the assemblies and called for new elections. The president also wrote a letter to opposition leader of the national assembly for care taker prime minister but the opposition refused to participate in such activity.

The joint opposition decided to challenge the decisions of the speaker of the national assembly and president of the Pakistan in the supreme court. But the political situation in Pakistan was becoming tensed so the supreme court of Pakistan itself take a so motto action and advised all the political parties to be cool and listen to the supreme court.

All the parties including Imran khan said that they will listen to the supreme court and will accept what ever supreme court will order. So all the political parties including Imran khan lawyers presented their case in the supreme court. Khan lawyers told the court that the president dissolved the assemblies and called for the new general elections because western powers including America was trying to remove Khan government because Imran khan visited Russia despite warning of an official of America.

This made America angry and now America is using money to remove khan government and want the opposition leader of national assembly to be the next prime minister of the Pakistan. An American official also wrote a threating letter to the prime minister office in which America threaten Pakistan and ordered Pakistan to remove khan from the seat of prime minister and appoint new prime minister from opposition. These were the arguments presented by the khan lawyers and Imran khan also publically told the public.

On the other hand the opposition lawyers strictly opposed these arguments and told the court that Imran khan has lost his majority in the national assembly so it is better for Imran khan to resign. Pakistan is facing inflation and khan government has failed to stop it.

These were the arguments presented by opposition lawyers. Supreme court listened both and ordered that the decision of president of Pakistan to dissolve the assemblies is illegal and khan must face the no confidence motion.

On 9th April, 2022 the motion of no confidence against Imran khan was presented in the national assembly and continued till 10th April and Prime minister Imran khan was removed from the prime minister by the opposition by voting 174 votes against Imran Khan by showing No confidence in the Prime Minister.

Full name : Tasawar Abbas

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