Interview with Jonathan VanAntwerpen – Founder of The Immanent Frame

Are you fascinated by the intersection of religion and public life? Do you want to hear insights from a leading expert in this field? Then, get ready for an exciting interview with Jonathan VanAntwerpen, the founder of The Immanent Frame. As a renowned scholar and writer in religious studies, VanAntwerpen has explored how religion shapes politics, culture, and society. In this exclusive interview, he shares his perspectives on the challenges facing democracy and pluralism today. Get ready to gain new insights into how we can navigate complex issues concerning faith and secularism in our modern world!

Jonathan VanAntwerpen’s background

Jonathan VanAntwerpen is the founder of The Immanent Frame, a website that explores secularism and religious pluralism. He is also the author of “The Religion of Democracy: A Call for a New Political Theology.” Prior to launching The Immanent Frame, Jonathan was a senior fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University. He has also taught courses on religion and politics at Fordham University and the New School for Social Research.

What is the Immanent Frame?

The Immanent Frame is a blog that explores religion, secularism, and the public sphere. It is edited by Jonathan VanAntwerpen, who is also the Director of Research at the Berggruen Institute. The Immanent Frame publishes essays, interviews, and book reviews on a wide range of topics related to its mission.

One of the goals of The Immanent Frame is to provide a space for critical engagement with religion and secularism. As such, it features a diverse group of contributors who come from different religious and secular backgrounds. The Immanent Frame also aims to promote dialogue between these different perspectives.

In addition to its focus on religion and secularism, The Immanent Frame also covers a variety of other topics related to the public sphere. These include politics, culture, philosophy, and history. The Immanent Frame is therefore an important resource for anyone interested in these fields.

What are the goals of the Immanent Frame?

The Immanent Frame is a blog dedicated to the exploration of religion and secularism. The goal of the Immanent Frame is to create a space for critical engagement with religious and secular ideas, practices, and institutions. The Immanent Frame is committed to promoting pluralism and dialogue across religious and secular divides.

How has the Immanent Frame grown since its inception?

Since its inception, The Immanent Frame has become one of the most popular online destinations for scholarship on religion and secularism. With over 1.5 million pageviews per month, it is now one of the top 100 most-read sites in the world on these topics.

In addition to expanding its content offerings, The Immanent Frame has also launched several new features in recent years. These include a weekly podcast, regular video interviews with leading scholars, and a blog series that features short essays by up-and-coming voices in the field.

Despite its growth, The Immanent Frame remains committed to its original mission: to provide a critical forum for thinking about religion and secularism in the modern world.

What challenges does the Immanent Frame face?

The Immanent Frame faces a number of challenges, chief among them being financial sustainability and attracting a wider readership.

Since its inception in 2010, The Immanent Frame has been sustained largely through the generosity of its founders, Jonathan VanAntwerpen and Ismail White. While this has allowed the site to maintain a high level of quality content, it is not a long-term solution. The Immanent Frame will need to find other sources of funding if it is to survive in the long term.

Another challenge facing The Immanent Frame is that its readership remains relatively small. This is likely due in part to the site’s focus on academic topics, which can make it inaccessible to non-specialists. The Immanent Frame will need to find ways to reach a wider audience if it is to have a lasting impact on public discourse.

What advice does Jonathan have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a clear vision for your business and what you want to achieve. You also need to be able to work hard and be persistent, even when things are tough. Jonathan VanAntwerpen also advises aspiring entrepreneurs to always be learning and studying different business models so that you can adapt and improve your own. Additionally, it’s important to network and build relationships with other entrepreneurs so that you can learn from their experiences.


Through this interview, we have gained valuable insight into the life and thoughts of Jonathan VanAntwerpen. He has provided us with optimism for humanity and inspired us to strive towards a better world through accelerating technology advancements and social progress. His innovative brand The Immanent Frame provides an exceptional platform for discussing issues about religion, science, ethics and culture as well as intellectual exploration in general. We are greatly indebted to him for his contributions to our understanding of the world around us and look forward to seeing what else he does in the future.

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