Is Kinetic Pro Watch Legit? Read Shocking Report

Are you in the market for a new watch and stumbled upon the Kinetic Pro Watch? Before you hit that “buy now” button, hold on just a minute. We’ve got some shocking news to share with you about this highly touted timepiece. Is it really legit or is it all hype? Our team has conducted thorough research and we’re here to spill the tea on whether or not the Kinetic Pro Watch lives up to its promises. Don’t make a purchase until you read our report!

What is Kinetic Pro?

Kinetic Pro is a watch brand that has been in the business of selling watches since 2013. The company has a website and a Facebook page, but there is no information about what the watches are made of or how they are supposed to function. Furthermore, there are no reviews or testimonials available on the Kinetic Pro website or Facebook page.

The only source of information about Kinetic Pro comes from an article on Praveen Kothari’s blog, which was published in March 2018. In this article, Praveen Kothari declares that he did not test any of the Kinetic Pro watches and that he does not recommend them because he believes that they are “fake.” Praveen Kothari’s allegations against Kinetic Pro begin with the claim that the watch cases are made from cheap metal plates that can easily be replaced with cheaper alternatives. He also alleges that the movement inside the watches is poorly constructed and can easily be damaged. Finally, Praveen Kothari claims that all of the Kinetic Pro watches he tested were fake.

Given these allegations, it is difficult to determine whether or not Kinetic Pro is actually a legitimate watch brand. It is possible that all of the watch models featured on Kinetic Pro’s website and Facebook page are genuine, but it is also possible that Praveen Kothari’s tests have revealed some flaws with these models that could lead to their eventual replacement or repair. It is also worth noting that

How does the Kinetic Pro work?

Kinetic Pro is a watch that claims to measure movement and activity levels. The device is said to be able to differentiate between active minutes and inactive minutes, which supposedly leads to better overall health. However, there are many questions about the legitimacy of Kinetic Pro.

For one, there is no scientific evidence that active minutes oractivity levels can lead to better health. In fact, some experts say that the opposite could be true, citing research that shows people who are inactive tend to have higher rates of disease. Additionally, Kinetic Pro’s claimto distinguish between active and inactive minutes is dubious at best. Numerous studies have found that most people spend the majority of their time inactive, meaning that the Kinetic Pro would likely not be able to accurately identify this behavior.

Another red flagabout Kinetic Pro is its price tag; at $249USD, it is one of the more expensive watches on the market. This high cost may make it difficult for many people to afford, particularly given the lack of evidence supporting its efficacy. In conclusion, while Kinetic Pro may boast some impressive features (including being able to measure movement and activity levels), there are numerous concerns about its legitimacy and price tag. If you’re looking for a watch that can help you track your health over time, look elsewhere.

The Shocking Report about the Kinetic Pro

The Kinetic Pro watch is a new device that claims to be able to improve your fitness levels. The creators of Kinetic Pro say that the watch can help you burn fat and build muscle, and they provide some interesting evidence to back up their claims. However, there are a few things that you should know before investing in this product.

First of all, the Kinetic Pro is not a conventionalwatch. It uses a motion tracking system to track your activity and calculate your progress. This means that the watch is not just a tool for monitoring your physical activity; it also has functions that are specific to fitness tracking.

The Kinetic Pro also has an app store where you can download additional apps for the watch. These apps allow you to track your progress in different areas, such as weight loss or muscle gain. There are also apps that focus on improving your overall health or fitness level.

However, there are some concerns about the legitimacy of the Kinetic Pro. Some experts say that the technology behind the watch is not actually new and has been available for years through devices like Fitbit and Jawbone Up2 . Additionally, there have been reports of people who have received defective watches which do not work properly or even stop working altogether . This could lead people to believe that Kinetic Pro products are not actually legitimate .

Overall, it is important for potential customers to beware of scams related to the Kinetic Pro watch before making any investment decisions.


Are you looking for a high-quality watch that will keep time accurately and look great while doing it? If so, then kinetic pro may be the watch for you. However, before you buy it make sure to read this shocking report on the company. Apparently, kinetic pro is a scam that is likely to leave you with nothing but frustration. So unless you want to end up empty handed and feeling ripped off, be sure to avoid kinetic pro at all costs!

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