JuiceKarter Launches Platform Helping Artists Start Their Own Record Label

If you have not been living under a rock for the past decade, you would know that everyone in the world knows an upcoming artist chasing their dreams to one day become rich and famous. According to Music Business Worldwide, over 60,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify everyday [Feb 24, 2021]. In February of 2022, Routenote reported that Spotify had reported over 11 million creators during the Q4 2021 earning call. Right now, there are hundreds of millions of artists trying to find their way into the music industry – but there’s one critical issue. 

Over 98% percent of artists across the world have been reported to gross under $100 per year from their music earnings. For an industry full of would-be entrepreneurs and aspiring artists, you would think that there would be a lot of more creators and record labels making more than $100 per year – but here, that is not the case. 

“In the music industry there is a large gap between low earners and high earners. The reason for the large gap is because of the lack of knowledge, registration, education and coexistence amongst businesses. Therefore, it’s a lot less money being made and rotated around to boost the ecosystem’s cash flow”, music industry mogul JuiceKarter says. “How much more money could the music industry gross if these artists knew where to register, how to tour, how to build a large following, or more? The industry’s biggest issues in this business are people’s egos and the fact that nobody wants to give the artists the power of knowledge. They would rather hide the blueprint, and just take their money. That’s what you call a crabs in a bucket mentality.”

Music Business Academy
Music Business Academy

JuiceKarter says this is what motivated him to launch The Music Business Academy. “Working with celebrity artists and major labels is a totally different world versus working with an independent artist or independent label. Majors have a system and top performing industry people under their payroll, so they know what and what not to do”, he mentions. “I’ve met thousands of independent artists myself since 2012, and I can tell you they are clueless on how to collect their money alone. If you don’t have connections, or thousands of dollars to hire a music lawyer or consultant to help you learn the business, then you’re screwed.” 

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Since 2014, JuiceKarter has been a music industry icon infamously known for getting behind some of the biggest songs and artists in both the mainstream and independent music industry. Through his own record label, JuiceKarter has worked with industry giants like DaBaby, NatStar,

Rebellious Chantele, Sony ATV Publishing, French Montana and others. He’s put artists on radio charts, tours, magazines, TV and some of the biggest stages across the US. What is even more impressive he’s done all of this while remaining independent. “I have no goals of working with a major label to this day, because we can do whatever they can on our own terms”, JuiceKarter states.