Julie Lee Choi, Tim Cook’s Alleged Stalker, Signs an ‘Agreement to Stay Away from Apple CEO

Julie Lee Choi (alleged stalker to Apple CEO Tim Cook) has signed an agreement requiring her to keep away from the billionaire for three years. After her appearance at Santa Clara County Superior Court, she signed the agreement with Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at an Apple special event on March 21st 2016 in Cupertino (California). Apple is expected to bring new bands and updates to its iPhone and iPad lines.

She is clearly obsessed with the billionaire based on her actions. Oct 2020 was the beginning of her obsession with the billionaire. Even replied to one tweet from the Apple CEO.

Tim Cook wrote in the comments section about Labour Day 2020 when she posted.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Alleged Stalker

News 18 reports that Choi has been banned from going near Cook after she signed an agreement with Apple.

Apple CEO Timothy Cook is back from a break during his testimony before Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s Investigations Subcommittee regarding the company’s offshore profits shifting and tax avoidance at Dirksen Senate Office Building, Capitol Hill, May 21, 2013, in Washington DC.

The billionaire was not there during the hearing but the stalker agreed to the decision. The CEO will be within 200 meters of her distance limit.

She must follow the agreement for the three years ahead. Apple has not yet provided any details about the next steps after the three-year agreement with the woman.

The court ordered that the lady was not allowed to possess any firearms because of her obsession with Cook.

What is Choi Really Doing?

Phone Arena has reported that Cook’s alleged stalker is actually going too far. To get the attention of the billionaire, one of her most disturbing actions was to visit Tim’s Silicon Valley home.

She also asked Cook to have sex with her and engage in other NSFW activities. She also created a fake corporate listing, claiming Cook is involved with various bogus businesses.

Choi demanded $500,000,000 from Apple in December 2021 if she wanted to stop contacting the CEO of Apple. All her stalking activities must stop over the next three-years.

The Apple CEO investigated an alleged memo leak in 2021. Cook stated that he opposed iOS sideloading activities in the same year. He suggested that Android users should use Android to install third party apps.

TechTimes has more information about Tim Cook and other billionaires. Keep checking here for the latest news.

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