Kurt Rosenberg’s Musical Journey

Kurt Rosenberg is an accomplished composer, film producer, and a sought-after musical collaborator. Scroll through his Twitter page today, and one will instantly find that Rosenberg is someone who creates special bonds with his fans. 

Rosenberg’s music is quite varied, encompassing many genres – Celtic, Folk, Pop, 40’s Ballroom to 50’s Jazz and Film Music where each piece conveys a different emotion, thought or message. Each of his melodies are memorable and stand the test of time.

A born and raised Oregonian, Rosenberg has had a love for music since childhood. His musical interest was sparked as a young boy; the “My Fair Lady” soundtrack would play in the background while his mother prepared dinner. When it was time to eat, his father would always switch over to Classical music of Schubert, Brahms and Beethoven.

Feeling inspired by the greats, Rosenberg began composing his own music at the age of 12 – even writing his own piece that the Ainsworth School Orchestra played at their annual concert. He started to compose his own Pop songs in his mid-teens, heavily influenced by The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Elton John.

“When I heard ‘Harry’s Game’ by Clannad, my love affair with Celtic Music began in earnest,” Rosenberg said in one interview. “I have been composing Scottish/Irish Music for over 25 years.”

The inspiration behind Rosenberg’s famous piece “Highland Home” – an ode to Scotland – is truly fascinating. “Some 15 years ago, I was touring Brodick Castle on the Scottish Isle of Arran. When my brother told one of the guides that I played piano, I was invited to play some of my original music in Lady Hamilton’s Drawing Room. After I was done playing, the whole castle erupted into applause. Upon returning home, and inspired by that visit, I sat down and composed the Highland Home song melody.”

Several years later, he wrote the lyrics. “It is also about longing to get back home, to return to a place that fulfills us and brings us joy,” said Rosenberg. “I hope that people, no matter where they are from, will feel the universal calling of a place called home.”

As one who genuinely enjoys the process of composing music and songwriting, Rosenberg is able to simply sit down at his keyboard and just start playing. Once he crafts his “musical moment,” a snippet of a new melody, he will play it several times. Then he expands on the melody, listening to how it sounds as it matures. After Rosenberg has the melody in place, he starts to arrange the music, deciding on which instruments sound best and suit the feel of the song.

One of Rosenberg’s biggest career highlights was producing the Highland Home music short film, as well as the number of international film festivals that selected it for screening, and the awards it won at those festivals. Highland Home won the Platinum Remi Award from World-Fest, a Director’s Choice Award at Santa Barbara’s International Fine Arts Film Festival, and the Best Music Video Award at Bath’s Jane Austen International Film Festival. Rosenberg was honored to receive the Winner for Best Lyrics Award at the International Music Video Awards. 

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Coming out of a global shutdown, Rosenberg holds ambitious plans for the future that will continue to expand his reach worldwide. Currently, he is working on refining the music and lyrics for his original musical “For the Lack of Laura,” and producing an animated music short “The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth,” a song reminiscent of old sea shanties found on the British Isles. Both projects closely reflect Rosenberg’s passions and will surely attract listeners of all backgrounds.

As Rosenberg continues to make strides in his career, he offers strong advice for fellow musicians, encouraging them to: “Hone your craft …. practice, practice, practice! Compose what you love. Find your ‘Musical Niche’!”

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