Everything you need to know about Letterkenny star Katy Michelle Mylett Canadian

Michelle Mylett, Achieving success in Hollywood means putting in hard work. Celebrities are becoming popular just because of the way they perform, and their excellent acting helps them become the heartthrobs of the audience. 

Today we will talk about an actress who made her debut in Hollywood by playing a role in a comedy film. Yes, our eyes are on this gorgeous Canadian actress Michelle Mylett who starred in the famous comedy series “Letterkenny,” where she played Katy and received much praise for her performance.

Michelle is a young talented actress who has received many awards. Let’s dive into this article and see what’s going on in Michelle’s life and how she manages to achieve so much in life? From her physical appearance to net worth, we will discuss everything in this article about Michelle Mylett, so stay with us to get some spicy facts about Katy.

Early life and education

As Katy, Michelle’s famous girl was born on 4th January 1989 in Vancouver, Canada. Michelle graduated from high school; however, she hasn’t revealed the name of her college or high school yet, but she goes for acting classes in an institute. 

You must be wondering what makes Michelle pursue her full-time career as an actress. So we all are inspired by our parents, and kids follow the action they hear or see in their surroundings.

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The same thing went for Michelle Mylett when her mother watched romantic Tv shows and movies during her childhood. She was curious about becoming an actress as many roles inspired her.

Michelle once participated in a high school play and got lots of appreciation for her acting. In that way, she decided to become an actress in the future. Before entering into acting life, she was selected as a cheerleader for the BC lions’ Canadian football league team.

Family of Michelle Mylett

The full name of an actress is Robyn Michele Mylett. She has two siblings where Michelle is the middle child. Her brother’s name is Richard Mylett, and she has a younger sister named Mikayla Mary Mylett. 

Michelle is not from the family of Hollywood; however, her parents belong to an average-sized family, but they were cooperative throughout her whole acting journey. Michelle still hasn’t revealed the name of her parents yet.


The actress started her career as a cheerleader of a football league. She started her career in the year 2010 as a Lost girl. The actress’s professional career began in 2013 when she starred in Antisocial.

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In 2016 she got immense fame for her role in the comedy series Letterkenny and not just this. Still, she was also nominated for a Canadian screen award for her marvellous performance as the best lead actress in a comedy series in 2020.

Some of the films of Michelle Mylett are as mentioned below:

  • Kiss and cry

The net worth of Michelle Mylett

Michelle is indeed a dedicated young actress, and she has worked hard to live a luxurious life. According to some reports, she is earning a pretty impressive amount from Tv series roles.

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The net worth of Michelle Mylett is approximately around 2 million dollars by 2022. A gorgeous actor is a self-made millionaire and makes 11.56$ per hour, 22,718 $ per year. She successfully creates good fortune for herself, and we are hoping for more success for Michelle in the future.

Relationships of Michelle Mylett

There is so much news of Michelle’s past relationship circulating on social media, but Michelle is currently dating his long-time boyfriend named Jesse Antler. The couple has been together since 2018, and according to the Instagram photos shared by Michelle, we can say that they are living a happy life. The couple met at Barczewski restaurant in Ukraine on 31 May 2018.


  • Age – 31 
  • Height- 5ft6 inches
  • Weight-57 kgs
  • Hair colour-brown
  • Eye colour-brown
  • Star-Capricorn
  • Favourite food-Japanese

Some facts about Michelle Mylett

Hollywood celebrities are surrounded by fans worldwide, so they prefer to keep their lives private. Michelle does the same, and she never shares information about her personal life. But we have compiled some of the facts about her. Suppose you are one of his fans, you will enjoy learning some interesting facts about her. Take a look at these amazing facts.

  1. She loves to shop from the brand Nivara.
  2. She is a hockey fan, and her favourite player from this game is Jammie Benn.
  3. Her favourite destination is Japan and the island.
  4. Michelle loves to eat Japanese food.
  5. She was nervous when she got the opportunity to join the cast of Letterkenny. She later revealed in an interview she was anxious at the beginning, but after that, she ended up meeting generous people, and this role led her in the right direction in life.
  6. The love of Michelle for her family is infinite, and she always acts as a supporting role in her loved one’s life. According to her, family comes first than anything in this universe.
  7. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she had a deal of endorsement with the brand Toronto Grillz.
  8. She is active on Instagram and has around 312k followers. You can check her Instagram here.


This article has shared everything you need to know about Michelle mylett. We have shared her age, height, Instagram, net worth, and some amazing facts. We hope Michelle’s followers will love these things. If you want to keep updated with Michelle’s life, you can follow her Instagram for her daily posts. If we miss out on anything about Michelle, let us know in the comments below!