LogMeIn Pro review: The right remote access when you have many users that need to control a few computers

LogMeIn affords truthful faraway get entry to to a computer’s display screen and documents from a smartphone, tablet, or different computer. The employer orients its technique across the quantity of computer systems to be had to govern in a given account, in preference to customers.

With the LogMeIn Pro taste of the service, faraway get entry to may be established on one or  computer systems. But a limiteless quantity of various customers can get entry to the ones computer systems. It’s the proper choice for a small commercial enterprise that has software program with a unmarried-seat license or with large documents established on a computer, and which needs a couple of personnel who aren’t on webweb page to have get entry to, or to have cross-platform get entry to.

LogMeIn Pro customer listing view.

Subscriptions begin at $30 a month (with annual billing) for get entry to with the aid of using limitless customers to up to 2 computer systems jogging the faraway-get entry to host software program.

Dated UI

LogMeIn reduce its enamel a few years in the past, and the interace shows. Both the computing device server software program and the customer software program—that are separate installations—resemble the sort of now no longer-quite-any-operating-device technique used for cross-platform software program advanced numerous years in the past across the technology of Windows 7.

The interface weaknesses are especially substantial while the usage of the Mac computing device software program to get entry to some other device. The customer device seems to have general—now no longer Retina—pix in place, making the whole thing seem blurry. The interface’s kind length is likewise scaled too small, and the customer makes use of a completely non-general set of inner drop-down menus and different controls to deliver up functions and manipulate settings.

In iOS, the equal trouble applies. The interface is clunky, counting on an extraordinary pseudo-multi-window technique to get entry to functions and faraway manipulate desktops. The interface and technique appears unchanged considering approximately iOS 6.

The faraway-record get entry to in each macOS and iOS seems nearly absurdly out of date, consisting of the usage of a folders-at-pinnacle sorting technique not unusualplace to Windows, and requiring a whole lot of drilling down and navigation that seems like a throwback to some distance older interfaces.

Effective functions

Despite the UI, the middle capability works effectively, presenting faraway display screen and record get entry to, and some of safety alternatives that may be set to save you a person who profits the not going get entry to in your LogMeIn credentials from logging into your related computing device machines.

LogMeIn Pro lets in faraway audio to be performed thru its customer, so that you can flow sound even as remotely related. It additionally lets in faraway printing from a customer to a server. LogMeIn additionally owns the LastPass password-control device, and consists of a unmarried subscription with the -host subscription.

The subscription additionally consists of 1TB of shared storage, however get entry to is likewise fusty. It is predicated on a WebDAV-primarily based totally net record server, which mounts at the computing device as a server in macOS. I haven’t visible this sort of in years, and this technique may be issue to disconnections and sluggish overall performance as compared to synced folders or different approaches.

You can use LogMeIn as host software program on Windows and macOS; there’s additionally a Linux beta. Client software program for faraway get entry to is to be had for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

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