Man sharpens KitKat to cut tomato

If you are a regular internet surfer then there are high chances that you come across some bizarre videos that leave you with thousands of questions and the first one is always “why”.  ‘Why would somebody do such a thing?’

And if you have not encountered such weird video lately then do not worry, we have the perfect clip that will leave you hundreds of questions, and one of those questions may be what humans actually want?

In this clip, a man is seen sharpening a KitKat chocolate bar to use it as a knife and cut a tomato. Yes! we know it sounds bizarre but the Instagram page on which the clip has been posted, is itself named  ‘whathowwhystudio,’ that explains it all, doesn’t it?

The bizarre clip has gone viral all over social media platforms and garnered over 19k likes and hundreds of comments asking the same questions that you might be asking right now, “Why.”

Though many people are loving this weird experiment some are raising questions and even saying that the video is doctored and fake. We cannot claim if it’s fake or not but it sure is funny.

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