Minecraft Remove Water – 3 best ways to get rid of water in Minecraft

Minecraft is an addictive game that is designed with artistic vision. This game appeals to players worldwide because the mystical online player has a strategic planning feature with multiple modes. The most appealing feature is that the map is eight times bigger than the natural planet earth. The game allows you to build a Minecraft remove water robot.

Simple Remove Water
Simple Remove Water

Minecraft is a great game to play at your leisure. it allows you to create stuff like houses, machines, your own village and even a computer. The game is designed with a block theme to create your own home using different sourcing materials. You begin by playing survival, arranging the blocks while the dust settles. After you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can even build a house next to the water area.

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However, if you want to remove the water from your building area, you can use some simple methods. This article will tell you some easy techniques to Minecraft remove water bodies that impede your progress, so let’s see what the strategy is behind this.

Minecraft Remove Water Robot


Minecraft remove water robots are indeed potent tools designed for many reasons. If you want to drain ocean monuments or clear large swaths of ocean, then this robot is exactly what you need. However, you’ll need to have all these things to build a good robot.

  • Six sticky pistons
  • Eight Redstone blocks
  • Thirty slime blocks 
  • The right amount of sand or gravel to the wall in the edges of the water 
  • Two gravel or sand 
  • The twelve building block of any type
  • 8 Pistons

Uses of Minecraft Robot

  • The robot builds flying contraptions capable of flying endlessly across the flyover.
  • The build is designed to send a flying contraption back and forth across the water area.
  • Once the flying contraption crosses water, the source block is destroyed.
  • Upon reaching its receiver, the gadget breaks down the water layer and pushes that down before sending it back, breaking the next layer.
  • Using the machine is faster than using a sponge or hand to fill each water block.

3 Ways to get rid of water in Minecraft

  1. Use Flammable things 

When you have water in Minecraft, you can quickly get rid of it by placing flammable items such as leaves, wood, and wool. Afterward, you can set the whole thing on fire. This might not be very pleasant, but you can use the commands to do it. This mainly works with wood axes and rectangular prisms, where you can select whatever you want.

2. Dig out Area with torches

Under the water, dig out an area with a one-block roof and place torches there. Add sand/gravel to the site you excavated. Sand/gravel may not be enough, so work in sections. The sand will break on the torches once the water is gone, simplifying cleanup. This method will work best in deep water. If it’s significant but relatively shallow, this method is not worth the prep time.

3. Use Bucket

You can get rid of water by using empty buckets. Players must locate the water source.Now take the bucket in your hand to fill it and then move somewhere else to drop the water.