Nadine Caridi -The Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort Children, Age, Career and Net worth

The famous actor and model Nadine Caridi is often recognized as the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. Jordan is a former stockbroker and author of The Wolf of Wall street. Nadine Cardi is currently working as a marriage counselor and family therapist. The couple met on a film set in 1990, and she was the second wife of Jordan Belfort. 

Before marrying Jordan, she was the wife of Alan Wilzig, the famous race car driver and entrepreneur. Nadine and Jordan’s marriage didn’t last long. Despite her divorce, the sensational British beauty shows her presence in the limelight with many blockbuster Hollywood movies. The following article provides details regarding her age, net worth, career, and biography. Keep reading to learn more about her professional and personal life.

About Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi was born in London, United Kingdom, on 6 November 1962, and she is 58 years old. The model has an elegant face and a perfect physique, measuring 5’8″ and weighing 5 kgs. In addition to that, the actress was born with beautiful grey eyes and blond hair. Nadine spent her entire childhood with her parents in Brooklyn, New York. 

She went to Dewey high school for her studies after receiving a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pacifica graduate institute; later in 2015, she managed to get her doctorate in the same subject. She is the mother of two kids (Son) Carter Belfort and (Daughter)Chandler Belfort. She is Christian by birth, and her nickname is a ray of the duchess. Apart from modeling and therapy, Nadine loves to spend her time cooking, painting, traveling, and reading.

Who is the current husband of Nadine Caridi?

Nadine cardie tied the knot with John Macaluso, and now she is living a happy married life with john. He is the former CEO of the wizard world. He hasn’t shared the kids with Nadine yet. However, he has three daughters named Frankie, Nicky, and Allie from his first wife. 


Nadine enjoyed beautifying herself, and then she realized that modeling was her passion. Hence, she started modeling and worked with several favored brands, which led to her appearing on numerous Miller Lite posters and commercials.

When Nadine married Jordan Belfort, she gave up modeling, but her divorce soon made her a full-time marriage counselor and a family therapist.

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In her field of psychology, Nadine believes that therapy has excellent healing power and helps people regain connection with their authentic selves.

What was the reason for Nadine’s divorce from Jordan Belfort?

Belfort was sentenced to jail in 2003 for his suspicious activities and released after ten months after displaying good conduct. As Nadine explained once, Jordan was a drug addict whose influence on her children was terrible, which is why she left her. The relationship between Jordan and Nadine ended after he began abusing her. Additionally, Jordan had several affairs with other women.

The net worth of Nadine Caridi

Nadine is a beauty with a brain; she managed to get a net worth of  5 million dollars through her hard work and constant determination. She ended her modeling career after separation from Jordan Belfort, but these days Nadine Caridi is working as a therapist and earning a pretty handsome amount from her psychology career. Jordan was a millionaire, so it is evident that she got a fair share of Belfort’s wealth after the divorce. 

Nadine Caridi website

The modeling diva Nadine Caridi is now a family and marriage therapist. She has launched her website, offering different therapy services for marital problems and other life affairs. Many people claimed that her session was soothing and helped them get out of their harsh lives, so we can say that Nadine is indeed doing great social work for people with her talent.

What kind of topics does Nadine love to talk about as a therapist?

 It is no secret that Nadine is a therapist who likes to talk about anything that helps her patients relieve their stress. Still, from her blog section, we assume that she has a great interest in topics like dealing with abusive relationships, hope, toxic families, and parenting.

Nadine caridi instagram

Nadine has her Instagram, where she has 26.4k followers. She has shared around  2000 posts. She is a motivational speaker, so  Every day, she shares quotes that motivate her listeners and help them get through their depression.

What is Nadine Caridi currently doing?

Nadine left modeling, and now she is working as a therapist; she is living a prosperous life with her new husband. Along with her two genetic kids, she is taking care of the three daughters of Jordan, and they all are living a successful life as a happy family.


There is no doubt that Nadine is a great woman; She is working for herself and changing so many lives with her counseling power. We hope Nadine Cardi’s fans will find this information helpful. If we are missing out on anything about Nadine Caridi. Let us know in the comment below!