Natural Ingredients And A Little Bit Of Magic Goes Into Creating Beauty Brand ThatWitchBeauty

ThatWitchBeauty is a line of products to help others find self-love and the magic inside of them created by Kitsie Duncan.

It all started with Duncan’s path down from paranormal research. Her (step) dad passed away at an early age very suddenly, so they never had a goodbye. After moving to Bloomington, Indiana she would feel something was with her in spirit but not physically. She felt as if it was her dad. 

Because of that, she grew a strong desire to research more into the paranormal. So, she started watching every paranormal reality TV show she could get her hands on and, finally, she went on an investigation herself and found out more about her own abilities along the way. 

After her continued experiences to find out more about the paranormal, she decided to write a book. “I’d Rather Talk to Dead People” is about her journey into paranormal research. It shows how there aren’t demons in all the places that television shows may claim, but they are, instead, souls of those who were once living. 

There are unlimited types of witchcraft. Many have specific names like WICCAN and Pagan, but in all reality, witchcraft is what each witch makes of it. Normally, a witch is someone who is curious about more than what this world has to offer and works with energies and intentions. 

Intention is energy, energy that can heal, that can hurt, that can manifest, and that can take away. Lunar energy, the energy of the universe, is all so much bigger than anyone can even fathom. The energy of crystals and the healing properties of essential oils and plants are a little easier to understand from an outsider’s perspective. Kitsie Duncan chose to focus on the areas of spiritual and lunar energy for her company. 

After finishing up one of her photography sessions, she decided to go with her gut and open a shop on Etsy of all the products she had been trying on herself. She reached out to a couple of friends to help her learn about wholesale selling, and now the retailers are flying in. Each product is either inspired by her, and a want or need for something better, cleaner and more “magical” than is currently on the market. 

Sometimes the ideas just pop into her head from nowhere like “magic.” One of the products devised in this manner is like Wake Up Witch. 

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Duncan explains, “Everything I use is either an all natural essential oil, or something our body produces naturally like the Hyaluronic Acid, or the pheromones. When possible I always buy organic and ethically sourced. I believe if we’re going to be putting these products on our body, I want it to be as natural as possible.” 

She continues, “I want each customer to find a little extra self love in each bottle. The world is a crazy place, and so many of us lose track of who we really are. I think it’s time we ALL get to know ourselves a little better, beyond the daily routine, who are we, what do we want for ourselves truly, and how do we let go of the fear that is holding us back.”

To browse and purchase Kitsie’s products, visit her website and on Instagram @thatwitchbeauty.

You can find ThatWitchBeauty in stores globally including; Botanical Arts Company (South Lake Tahoe, CA) Soul Purpose (Halifax, MA) 02338 Hampton Design Studio & Shop

(Indianapolis, IN) Range of Motion Massage Therapy (Alliston, ON, Canada)

Nightingale Cross (Cinderford, UK).