New Age Poetry is more than Flowery Talk

She takes us on a journey. Into the mind of the protagonist who she never names, but only refers to as “she”,“her” or “I”.

“She” is dreamy, full of thoughts and seems to process everything she experiences in wonderful detail.

He took a deep breath.

I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

It feels like I’ve known him all my life.

In an alternate reality I must’ve. He’s too familiar to be a stranger,

his presence, too certain to be a threat. It’s like we are one in two separate bodies. We don’t speak. We just exist in comfortable silence, circulating fresh air through our lungs.

As he breathes out, I breathe in.

In that alternate reality, we must’ve been one mechanism.

Title: Inspiration

Poetry talent Ruth Isabella Peters can be seen amongst the most passionate writers of her times. Her intimate take on traditional poetry transforms her creative writing into a reader’s journey; Her eclectic range of themes speak to each individually. “We live in a world where we are so connected through the internet, yet I see so many people are alone. I travel a lot and see this as a common denominator: The need to

be loved and accepted. I also see that we humans struggle with the same things… Belonging, not being satisfied with where we are etc. Anyone who reads my poetry should think wow, I’m not alone in this. That’s why I gave her no identity. That way people can relate better.”

Peters has been passionate about writing and storytelling since her childhood. She remembers from the early age of 5, when she told her first story to a congregation. She is known as a curious Author who loves exploring different themes and motifs. As part of her writing process, she immerses herself in her projects creating stories most worthy of telling. In the forefront of most of her poems are love, relationships and mental health. There seems to be an underlying note in the poems. Her readers have detected it and commend how she speaks about and reflects the struggles of life. “The open ends are there so the reader can be the one who determines how it ends”, Ruth explains.

I see you

In your bedroom quietly thinking away

Thinking of ways to escape

The reality that cause you pain

The experiences that drive you insane

The black hole that keeps you in chains

I hear your heart’s cries

I hear your spirit mourn

I see the inner child

That still yearns for love

That still asks themselves


Why me?

Sometimes I just wish you’d see

That you’re the only one

Who can set yourself free


Sometimes I just wish you’d see

Yourself the way I see you

Then you’d know

The black hole

Consuming your light

Is not true


It”s just fear

playing tricks on you

Title: Black Hole

Ruth Isabella Peters
Ruth Isabella Peters

Online, Peters has cultivated a passionate following with over 200.000 impressions per month and over 20k subscribers across her social media channels. She has inspired thousands of readers to pick up a pen and write their own story. Her hashtag “itsnotover” has created awareness about individuals battling with suicidal thoughts.

Peters’ social advocacy has made her a notable voice of her time with multiple public speaking appearances on mental health, relationships, race, gender and fashion culture.

After​ being published in several Poetry Anthologies and magazines, we can finally await her debut poetry collection titled ‘A Heart of Glass’. With this collection, Peters’ mission is to push the boundaries of poetry and literature by taking it into a more commercial space.

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