NÉW SONG “God on my side” by music artist Joshdifferent brings our unique swag to The music industry

Joshdifferent is a music artist from Philadelphia who is mainly known for his content creation on Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok. Beginning his Internet journey around six years old, Josh begin producing and editing his own music and videos. Since that age he has been on and off with making content.

Recently returning with a different level of confidence after “working on himself” and learning about human psychology, Joshdifferent Continue to inspire and motivate and make others laugh with his music, comedy, fitness and motivation through his social media platforms.

The new song “God on my side” takes the religious element and gives it a bit of a catchy swag. Joshdifferent music is now found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Www.joshdifferent.com is also available for more information on Josh different.

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