New Yorker: Pumpers, Dumpers, and Shills (Skycoin)

Are you tired of hearing about the latest “get-rich-quick” schemes in the world of cryptocurrency? Well, buckle up because we’re diving into the world of pumpers, dumpers, and shills – specifically when it comes to Skycoin. As reported by The New Yorker, these tactics are running rampant within certain communities and causing chaos for investors. But don’t worry – we’ll break down exactly what’s happening and how you can protect yourself from falling victim to these manipulative practices. Let’s get started!

Skycoin: A Company in Search of a Solution

Skycoin is a company in search of a solution to the global problem of digital identity. By providing a decentralized, secure, and tamper-proof identity system, Skycoin is changing the way the world uses digital assets.

In recent years, online security has become an increasingly important issue. Theft and fraud have become normalized activities that affect everyone from everyday consumers to large businesses. In order to combat these problems, many companies are developing solutions for digital identity.

Skycoin is one of these companies. Their mission is to create a decentralized, secure, and tamper-proof identity system for the world. By doing so, they hope to solve some of the biggest problems facing online security today.

How does their system work?

Like most other digital identity systems, Skycoin relies on user profiles and passwords. However, Skycoin takes things one step further by using blockchain technology. This allows users to securely store their identities on a distributed ledger network. This makes it impossible for anyone to steal or fake your information.

Why is this important?

One of the biggest problems with traditional online security systems is that they are centralized and vulnerable to attack. This means that any individual or organization with enough resources can attack and steal your information.” “The use of blockchain technology helps to prevent this type of attack by decentralizing data storage.”

Pumpers, Dumpers, and Shills (Skycoin)

“The cryptocurrency craze has created a surreptitious industry of pumpers, dumpers, and shills—a group of people who use social media to promote or tout cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens.

Skycoin is a new cryptocurrency that is traded on exchanges around the world. But until recently, few people knew about it. In recent weeks, Skycoin’s price has soared, as speculators have begun betting that the coin will rise in value.

Some of Skycoin’s biggest promoters are well-known figures in the crypto community. Vinny Lingham, a South African entrepreneur who also runs a blockchain company called Civic, has tweeted about Skycoin several thousand times. Charlie Shrem, a Bitcoin evangelist and former Bitcoin Foundation vice chairman, has also tweeted about it.”

The Skycoin Pump and Dump Scheme

The Skycoin Pump and Dump Scheme.

The Skycoin scheme has attracted the attention of the media, with accusations of pump and dump activity. The scheme works as follows: early investors receive a large share of the new coin, which drives up its price; later investors buy in at lower prices, causing the price to fall; and finally, those who bought in at the lower prices lose money.

Critics say that most of the new coins issued during the scheme are not being traded on any exchanges, meaning that they are not subject to market forces. This allows those behind the scheme to manipulate the price without fear of losing their investment.

Skycoin has denied any wrongdoing, arguing that all coins issued during the scheme will be released into circulation. However, this does not seem likely given that many of those behind Skycoin have already made significant profits.


The article, New Yorker: Pumpers, Dumpers, and Shills (Skycoin) is a great read. It discusses the current state of Skycoin and how it has been affected by recent events. The author provides insights on the pump-and-dump scheme that took place and how scammers are using Skycoin to take advantage of naive investors. Overall, this article is informative and provides readers with an in-depth look at the current state of Skycoin. If you are interested in learning more about this cryptocurrency or investing in it, I recommend reading through the entirety of the article.

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