Picuki-All you need to know about this ultimate Instagram viewer and Editor

The Site https://www.picuki.com/, Every once in a while, we are curious about the profile of someone on Instagram anonymously since this social media handle has no option like Whatsapp to see the post of users without notifying them.

This website named picuki was launched by France, which is entirely free. Picuki allows the users to view, edit, explore location, hashtags and store everything they find on Instagram.

The website never steals the personal information of users you search; however it works best as a search engine optimization of Instagram. Picuki is an excellent website if you don’t want to create an Instagram account as it allows users to search multiple accounts without signing in.

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The tool picuki is beneficial for Instagram, but it also works for Twitter and some other social media handles. Picuki is an excellent website for those who want to stalk someone anonymously. In this article, we will give you an overview of this website, so stick around until the end.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is commonly known as secret viewer and editor, especially for Instagram. We have personally used this tool, and it’s pretty good. You have the option to multiple features such as editing, searching different trending hashtags, posts, followers, and following any profile you search and every other content posted by a user on Instagram.

While checking on your friends and family, they have no idea that you are doing it. Yeah, you heard it right. Pickup never makes the stories or profiles visible to the users, so you can view their accounts, check their likes, and comment  without even knowing them.

Sounds great, right? What is Picuki’s mechanism? This tool is straightforward to use, so let’s take a deeper look into this article and learn more about it.

Easy ways to use a picuki

Picuki is straightforward to use. To start, you just have to go to the website picuki.com.

Following that, who will take you to their homepage? Now you can easily browse through any Instagram account without notifying them. You have to type the account’s name into the search bar.

  • Now, look at this picture you will find similar usernames which you have searched. Pickuki even gives you data of similar username pictures and trending posts.
  • Once you are done finding the account, you want to simply click the tab.
  • You can now download multiple pictures from that account.
  • Click the download button to get bigger pictures with high resolutions.

You can also see the followings and followers of that user, which are usually not visible on private accounts, but with this app, you’re covered.

Can we find trending hashtags on the picuki?

Yes, you can find trending hashtags on the pick. All you have to do is just follow simple steps, and you will have unlimited hashtags, which help increase your followers. Yeah, using trending hashtags on your Instagram posts helps reach more audiences.

Therefore, we can say that picuki also works as an SEO tool for Instagram to extract multiple hashtags. Now, let’s see the easiest way to find out hashtags.

  • Go to the homepage of picuki
  • Enter only one hashtag related to your posts, or you want to search.
  • Now you will see the tags option on the website.
  • On the right side of your screen, you will see a variety of hashtags, and you can access various trending photos on these hashtags by simply scrolling down.

How to edit photos and videos using picuki from Instagram?

We all love Instagram because of trendy pictures and posts by our favorite celebrities. However, sometimes it is difficult to save the images directly to your gallery, so what can we do to solve this problem? Well, picuki is an excellent method to save pictures and video. You do not have to explore other apps to edit your favorite Instagram pictures. Picuki editor makes your photos more appealing and aesthetic. 

  • One of the best features of the picuki is it allows the users to edit pictures online, whereas other Instagram downloader apps lack this feature.
  • A button for editing is located below the picture.
  • You will get different options such as adjusting picture sizes, applying other filters, filters, borders, crop, stickers, focus, and even writing a text in the picture.

How to watch stories using a picuki?

You can watch stories of different profiles using a pick. All you need to do is just click the profile picture, and you will be able to manage the accounts of any user anonymously. Moreover, you can also block someone using a picuki. Just click on the three dots present on the profile and simply block the user.

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Picuki is an excellent website for people who want to stalk their loved ones only anonymously. Instagram has no such feature available, but pickup is the one that makes this anonymous feature available for users around the globe. So keep an eye on your loved ones every time anywhere using the picuki.

What to do when picuki doesn’t show the stories of users?

 This problem mainly occurs when your date and time setting is not accurate. So make sure to set the correct time and date to enjoy unlimited access to user stories every time.

Is pick legal?

According to Reddit users, it is not successful in gaining a good rating, butthee picuki team claims that they don’t share users’ data publicly, and it is entirely safe and secure. However, if you have some sensitive information on your phone or device, we don’t recommend using this website.


In this article, we have reviewed picuki we hope users will find this article helpful. Picuki is a fun platform if you want to edit and view Instagram accounts of different users anonymously. Let us know in the comments below if you want to know more about this website.