PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up Not Working: How to Fix Error and See Your Most Played Games Last Year!

Although Sony’s 2020 Wrap-Up feature was released a little later than expected due to the fact that it came almost two months after last year’s end, it will still be useful for gamers to track their progress and see their track. Sony is concerned that many users reported seeing the PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up error message and non-working statuses.

Sony is a popular Japanese gaming and consumer electronics manufacturer. It recently launched a feature to celebrate gamers’ gaming experiences with the PlayStation 4 console over the past year. This would be the first time Sony has made this feature. You can rewind back to 2020 to see how much your PS4 player has grown.

2020 was the year that the Earth stopped moving. This brought the COVID-19 global epidemic, which caused people to be locked down at home and avoid social interaction. This has led to people turning to digital entertainment, which has boosted the use and popularity of consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation.

Sony Launches PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up

Sony has published a blog via the PlayStation Blog. Manager for Content Communications Brett Elston tells how Sony and the PlayStation want to celebrate gaming over the past year. From February 2021 to March 2nd, 2020, the PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up feature will be available. This gives players a month in which to see their gaming history.

In the 2020 Wrap-Up, users can share their progress, trophies and most played games as well as other details. Sony stated that the focus would be on the PlayStation 4 as gamers could not get the PlayStation 5 for a short time and its stock was limited.

If users already have their PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 2020 Wrap Up would include it. However, this is subject to the condition that both consoles have been used by the same PS Account. The 2020 Wrap-Up will also include statistics worldwide on several games. For example, it will show the number of “Ghost of Tsushima” “enemies that collapsed in fear.”

PlayStation 2020: Not Working?

Many PlayStation users reported that the PlayStation 2020 Wrap Up page was not working. It displayed an error message saying “Trouble loading the page”. This message appeared on the landing page for the link from Sony. The “404 General Error message” indicates that the service is down or not up and running in this region, particularly for users from the United States.

The link” having the “en-us” or other region’s suffix may fail, but changing the region that was automatically detected by the website would fix the issue. After entering the address space, the problem should be resolved by using “en-gb”, or “en–ca”, which both use the English language.

Clear the cache in your browser’s settings if this doesn’t work. Next, go to Wrap-Up 2020 and access the stats section.

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