Pokemon GO’ Shiny Grimer Spotlight: How to Catch it, Stats, Chances, and MORE

The Pokemon GO Shiny Grimer Spotlight Hour has started and is available. This hour sees spawns of the poison type and sludge Pokemon appear everywhere. It also presents a rare, shiny appearance for a short time. Although the Spotlight Hour will only allow it to be available for 60 minutes it is impossible to catch it.

Grimer is part of Generation 1 Kanto Region. He also has the most famous releases of all, the 151 creatures that include Charmander, Charmander and Pikachu. Although the sludge Pokemon has been caught on many occasions and in different places, this is its first appearance in AR.

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Shiny Grimer, ‘Pokemon Go’: Can You Catch It!

Shiny Grimer is available to everyone in “Pokemon GO”. It’s possible for anyone to find it anywhere as long as they drive around. If they are unable to go out at night, they can use a location spoofer and find Shiny Grimer on the map.

The most striking thing about this spotlight hour is the fact that Shiny Grimer has a higher chance of spawning in wild and populated areas as trainers search for it. However, there is no increased chance of the Pokemon spawning.

Gamepur estimates that there are only one in 500 chances of him being caught, but he is certain to be more visible during the spotlight hour.

Shiny Grimer, ‘Pokemon Go’: How Do You Catch It?

Shiny Grimer can be caught easily, but it is difficult to control using a Pokeball. It remains elusive and very limited for players. To make Shiny Grimer easier to catch, players should consume as much Razz Berry and the Golden Razz Berry as possible. CP can also affect the type of Pokeball that is used.

Shiny Grimer can also escape or run after multiple attempts. Therefore, it is important to be cautious when throwing Pokeballs. Only a few chances are available to capture the Pokemon upon encountering them. If Grimer does flee, don’t lose heart. It could be found again during the spotlight hours that will occur between 6 and 7 PM local time.

Shiny Grimer: What are the Special Stats?

Shiny Grimer’s only special stat is the chance to evolve into an Alolan Muk. This can be achieved by saving enough Grimer candy once it has been out in nature. To evolve into a special Muk you don’t need to catch any other Shiny Pokemon, but it is nice to have more than one of these Shiny creatures in your possession.