Pop Star and Spiritual Revolutionary NEO 10Y critiques Dalai Lama for “Not Being Vegan” and “Eating Babies”

Recording artist NEO 10Y has critiqued the Dalai Lama for not being vegan by pointing out the hypocrisy related to the 87 year old’s message of peace. You may know NEO 10Y from his music, TikTok or for his viral activism videos. The controversial audio was taken from Spotify podcast, My Mum Made Me, which features Netflix actors and BBC presenters, as well as the pop star and revolutionary.

NEO 10Y, who is also known off-stage as Nik Thakkar, speaks candidly in the interview, “Even the Dalai Lama is not vegan and I will continue to call him out on platforms, I find it wild that someone can have such a massive spiritual ascension on planet Earth and be non-vegan. It’s like you’re missing literally the whole point of everything, so that proves that it’s ego or whatever. This is why I am here, because there is no-one like me…. I am the pop star that never existed. No-one has my philosophies, and no-one has the message.”

Fundamentally, the rising artist from London who has Indian ancestry, is not incorrect, as it has been proven by scientists repeatedly that a vegan future is integral for world peace, to resolve climate change and solve world hunger.

The artist’s most streamed song is Shortcut To World Peace, where he sings about love energy and kindness being the solution to the world’s trauma, and includes veganism in this umbrella.

NEO 10Y, who is an abolitionist vegan, also says in the podcast, “Anything that is non-vegan, the whole of animal agriculture is not love energy, it’s exploitation, oppression and violence, and speciesism is the root of all oppression.”

The artist who is non-binary, and uses all pronouns, has a history of critiquing the non-vegan left with viral BBC episodes and campaigns with PETA, The Vegan Society, National Geographic and more.

He is also not the first person to critique the Dalai Lama for not being vegan. It is documented that the Dalai Lama encouraged his followers to adopt a vegetarian diet on World Animal Day 2020, but he himself is not vegan, and still consumes meat and dairy regularly. Buddhism allows for fish and meat to be eaten for health reasons, but as with all written religions, meat and dairy consumption has been normalized.

We reached out to NEO 10Y for comment, to which he contextualised his statement and doubled down on the podcast by replying, “My purpose is to help manifest love and amplify peace. In the episode, I was actually trying to reference the Dalai Lama’s peace activism, but then I remembered that he has been documented eating baby lambs, and that doesn’t sit right with me, so I stand by what I said.”

He continued, “I think it is fraudulent and hypocritical when someone whose entire brand is built on peace can endorse speciesism, which is the root of all oppression, and eat a baby. It is abhorrent, and I stand against the violence and hypocrisy. People must choose love urgently.”

The My Mum Made Me podcast episode is not all drama. There is coherent vegan activism from the artist who discusses animal rights, the effect of non veganism on world hunger, environmental racism, zoonotic diseases and individual and collective health, as well as the impact that his mother has had on him, her childhood trauma as an immigrant, gender and music, and how it is all connected to the “spiritual revolution”.