Quartararo is a world champion in a hurry

Writing that a motorcycle rider goes really fast doesn’t seem like news. But to introduce Fabio Quartararo, the first Frenchman to be crowned Moto GP world champion, it is important to underline that he has spent his life toasting the stages, one after the other. Son of an amateur biker, the Niçois learned to ride before walking and very quickly followed the path of a professional career, counting his successes at the age when children count their marbles. From the age of 7, the young Quartararo crushes all races in the junior categories.

In his father’s truck, Fabio therefore crosses the Pyrenees several times a year to rub shoulders with the Spanish drivers, who are reputed to be more formidable. The result remains the same: Quartararo wins everything in his path. At thirteen, the French teenager moved to the Costa Blanca to complete his training. “Home, training, private lessons, training, home, every day,” he lists on France 3 Côte d´Azur. It was difficult, it was a job. It changed my life. When you’re between 13 and 16, this is where you have the most fun. Me, this is where I matured the most. ”

“El Diablo”

Ahead of the competition, Fabio Quartararo obtains a waiver to compete in the Moto 3 World Championship at the age of fifteen. And while the French motorcycle fans are betting on Johann Zarco (75 races, 11 poles, 6 podiums but 0 successes) to obtain a first French victory in the premier category, Quartararo will tumble onto the front of the stage at the speed of the ‘flash. 2019 season: 6 poles and 7 podiums. While only riding an independent Yamaha Yamaha, Fabio Quartararo secures the title of “Rookie of the Year”. On May 4, 2019, the one the Spaniards nicknamed “El Diablo” erased quadruple world champion Marc Marquez from the shelves by becoming the youngest driver to take pole position, at the age of 20 years and 14 days.

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2020 is the year of the big revelation: on July 19, the French driver wins the Grand Prix de Jerez. Finally, while French tennis and cycling still call together Noah and Hinault, the French motorcycle has found a successor to Régis Laconi! When the Frenchman won the Valencia GP in 1999, Quartararo was just a five month old baby … But unlike Laconi, the Nice driver confirms. And this, from the following week, by taking away the Andalusian Grand Prix. Quartararo finishes eighth in the championship in 2020 laying the groundwork for his victory today. “I learned a lot in 2020, he explains on France 3. Not how to fight for the championship, since I didn’t really have the chance, but leading the championship for many races was a step. important for my experience, and I think it’s much easier this year to have it. ”

“Winning, it runs in his veins”

Winning the championship has always been an obsession with El Diablo, a risk-loving driver who has always ignored crashes and injuries. “Winning runs through his veins,” said Claude Michy, the organizer of the French GP, in the Ouest-France newspaper. His agent, Eric Mahé, salutes the boy’s “spatio-temporal intelligence”, who retains everything he learns, “a sponge”. Thanks to a supersonic start to the year, Quartararo flew over the championship, pushing its rivals far behind. “Fabio hasn’t made a single mistake this season,” admits Jack Miller, one of his rivals at Ducati. He had an excellent, very good season. He did his best every weekend. He deserves it, for sure. As the time comes to celebrate a historic title for French sport, one question is on everyone’s lips: is this the start of a reign? Fabio Quartararo (22) is undoubtedly in a hurry to give a positive response.