Recording Artist Launches Legalization Campaign With New Single

“Trilla Trillz” represents a thought provoking and musically engaging listening experience. A socially conscious artist, Trilla Trillz delivers an innovative and intense lyric flow that drips with passion. His clever references outline a positive sense of being. His rhythmic lines weave in and out of the down-tempo grooves and musical stylings of His he industry’s hottest producers.

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“One of the reasons so many pop and hip hop albums don’t sound cohesive is that those 12 tracks were recorded in 12 different studios with 12 different producers,” says Trilla. “It nice to work with one engineer, to build that sound from song to song.” Trilla Trillz is a one-of-a-kind artist making a statement in the hip hop scene. He continues to shape his signature style with inspiring and poetic rhymes. His carefully selected collaborators offer creative instrumentation that only enhances Trilla’s enlightened and sometimes arrogant lyrics like we hear in his new single which you can find on YouTube, “Forty Dollar Eighth”

Trilla Trillz, is using music and fashion to bridge the gap between the social and political stigmas behind the topic of cannabis legalization and opiate/stimulate recovery in the state of Maryland. When we asked him his ultimate goal behind his mission, he quickly replied, “To bring quality products, knowledge, and unity in this space to our state.

We want to engage our highest value customer and give them the experience they deserve. In the future you can check ( for all sorts of information including reviews, exotic snacks & beverages, merchandise drops, and brand development. We’re here to stay. ”

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