ROBBIE MALINGA JNR in works with Paramount pictures global for Family Movie/Documentary!

Malinga Junior has been trending on social media for years consistently purely for his authentic lifestyle and accolades. He recently surpassed over 25 million streams on all digital platforms with his music which is exceptionally amazing putting to thought that he’s independent meaning all the traction was made exclusively by him no additional marketing.

Rob Mally is very famous in South Africa and Africa as a whole and the rest of the world is catching on this domino effect.

He recently had an interview with a 3LM in house journalist and stated that he’s currently working on his families documentary/movie which might take a few months or years but is intended to come out extremely perfect. He intends the film to be distributed by Hollywood production powerhouse Paramount Pictures.

Malinga never shared too much as he said he doesn’t wanna spoil anything but he said he’s working patiently doing a lot of projects at once but everything will be nothing short of amazing.

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