Earlier in the year Jnr launched a golf day that’ll take place every year in different provinces/states now he has launched an event that’ll take place in June and it looks rather exciting .

He is planning to take over where his father left off. The elite African superstar Rob Mally wants to take over where his father left off.

Robbie Malinga Jr launched The Boy Child initiative in honour of his late father in 2017, He says before his dad’s passing, he was actively involved in helping people from his place of birth, Soweto, through donations of essentials such as items of clothing and money.

The campaign is focused on the boy child, and it is not sexist, according to Robbie Jr, because he feels that there are many campaigns for girls in society.

Rob Mally just gifted himself a multi million massive penthouse in sandton for his 21ST.

He’s into investments because he certainly knows the value of money . He’s one of the most elite in Africa we certainly should wish him a lovely happy birthday.

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